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Saturday Safes and Saves

With the weather getting warmer, longer days, I FEEL good and feel like doing things! Yay!

Beaus Dream Dog Park in Lancaster Pa

Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park

OMG a doxie tunnel?

A tennis ball tree!

Omg, puppy heaven!! I am super excited to visit this, probably more than Lily

Autism Awareness Month

Please join me in supporting Autism Awareness. If anything the past few years have taught me that WE need to learn more about autism. The fact is that many people and children on the spectrum are bright, intelligent and amazing. We need to learn how to change OUR thinking to better communicate and interact with individuals on the spectrum. Just like we have introverts, extroverts, people pleasers, ect, autism is not much differernt. How can YOU help?

Here are a few ways YOU can get involved:

Runners! Medford is having a 5k Run/walk

Read about the mom behind it all here

Sign up here

The Medford Lakes Miles of Hope Run/Walk

When: April 25

Where: Starts at 79 Tecumseh Trail at 8 a.m.

Registration: Early registration is open until April 23.

Cost: $25 for adults; $15 for children 18 and under is $15. There is a $3 sign-up fee if done online. Entries mailed in don’t include the $3 fee.

Links: To sign up for the event go to

Wear BLUE on April 2nd!

Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue celebrates autism awareness and is asking for the world to wear BLUE! Just so happens to be my favorite color!

(Just take a look at any of my clothes/style posts!)

Cherry Hill Library Book Sale!!

First I went Thursday night and picked up a few goodies, today was FILL YOUR BAG for $5, I made out really well!


My friend Robin did even better!! She also has a little sweet notion up her sleeve. I think some people will be very surprised, she always has some pretty spectacular and unique ideas! ❤

Etsy Fail 😦

Well, I love my necklace, BUT it is too short. It took OVER a month for it to arrive, I really do NOT want to send it back to get a longer chain. I may try a chain extender first, I only want it about an inch longer!! SO close but no cigar !



Something To Try

Roasting your own coffee!

I love my coffee! I want to expand my horizons a bit and explore the world of coffee. I prefer mild flavors, so I know I should gear towards Central American or Island coffee

I have also been researching methods of roasting your OWN green coffee beans. This seems pretty fascinating to me, and I can only imagine how wonderful it must smell!

You can get green coffee beans cheaper than already roasted ones, yet I do not know the availabilty as of yet, something I will need to do some research on

The freshness and quality is supposed to be pretty impressive. You KNOW you are getting fresh as can be by roasting your own. Often times even the fanciest coffees have been roasted for weeks if not months. It would be pretty neat to roast your own and drink immediately. Talk about FRESH!

I am curious as to the difference. Is it worth it? Well when I attempt it , I will let YOU know !

The least expensive way?
Do it yourself with a pan

Next, you can your a……..pop corn popper!

Most $$

This baby will set ya back $179

Read more here


These are too cute for words

chocolate peanut butter bird nest cookies


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