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Un-Manic Monday 3.30.15

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM Ever!

I hope you have an amazing, incredible, special day, because YOU are all those things and SO MUCH MORE!



This cake was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Yes, I too had a piece!! I did not even really think about it, just ate it. I also did not beat myself up over it. I enjoyed it. I dissected it. I critiqued it. It was fun as well as tasty!  My mom loved it!! ❤  Great choice!

This birthday is special, our lives just went through some major changes. Changes are scary but changes are GOOD. It is what you make of it. Life is a choice. You CAN choose to be happy, you can choose to be free, you can choose to do what is best for you ❤

Un-Manic wants

Cute to dress up at night (date night!)

Primary Image of Pleated Romper with 4 Inch Inseam

Great work pants

Primary Image of Tabbed Wide-Leg Trousers in Marisa Fit

This looks pretty haggard in the picture, but trust me its super cute (and cool/comfy) looking! Perfect summer dress!

Primary Image of Wallpaper Floral Sleeveless Shirtdress


Dirty Dancing LIVE

I can NOT wait! We have tickets for Thursday evening! What a perfect way to kick off Spring Break!!


A warmer week!
50s and 60s!! Woo hoo


coping with anxiety

I could NOT sleep last night. This morning I feel very anxious 😦 However I am NOT going to let it ruin my day! I will journal, breathe, relax, and I will be ok


get well cards


This made me smile. it made the kids smile. It made little man smile.
I love teaching pratical skills! that is what teaching is ALL about. We stopped focusing on “Writing on the line, multiplication facts, subtration with re-grouping” and took the time to talk about a classmate in the hospital. How does HE feel? How do YOU feel? How can we MAKE HIM feel better?

We came up with these….

We also sent little video messages ❤



Coffee Fix?

ha! I thought this was hilarious. 4 teachers showed up for a team meeting, LOOK what we brought! One of each size (Can you guess which one was mine?  Yup 24 oz)




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