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Wednesday Wants

April showers bring May flowers!
Let’s hope 🙂

1. Spring cleaning

MOM! Perfect for when we clean out your closets!!!!!
No excuses!

2.  DIY spring project

This yoga DIY carrying strap!

3.  Make life “easier”

How to overcome and ask for help when you are feeling down

What are YOUR tactics?

Remember, try to respect everyone’s wishes. Some people prefer to text vs. the phone, for comfort reasons. Don’t judge. Everyone handles things differently.Let them cope their way, you just need to Listen


4.  Scared

What are you scared of?

Right now for me it’s currently change.  It is so easy for me to get comfortable and stop seeking challenges.  Change scares me because I worry if I will succeed or fail. Ultimately I know it what you choose but I am still afraid of so much. I also know if I don’t take risks I’ll never know my true potential or challenge myself.  I know that is what I truly seek.  Challenge

And why not? Right now it’s just me.  No children.   No spouse.  I can challenge myself and see what I am capable of.  Before my challenge was restricting foods and pushing myself to the limits with exercise. Now my challenge is living life and taking risks ❤

5.  Happier with boundaries

I like to set boundaries.  Especially with people.  I have been hurt and “burnt” so many times that I have a hard time trusting people. If they are truly being genuine or just being nice for the moment….

I  am happy keeping my space.  I am happier not letting others consume my life and all my time.  I have never been able to find that balance in relationships.  I either give too much or nothing at all

I have fought this and myself for so long.  The honest truth? I really like my space and distance.  I have moments where I feel and want that closeness but it’s very short lived. I don’t  want to hurt anyone in the process because it really is internally my own feelings nothing about them.  I  still have much difficulty finding that balance. Maybe I’ll begin craving and seeking more interaction time ,maybe I won’t.  I do know that I will no longer fight my feelings and give in to what others want.  It’s my choice.

Be Yourself!

6.  Too private and personal

I love to write.  Especially my current thoughts and feelings, which often times change as quickly as they come.  I find myself hiding and keeping a lot of those things from my blog, STILL. Yet this blog is meant for me. It is meant to be an honest depiction of my thoughts. Yet I worry that others won’t accept them, or like them. I am just not ready. I may upset some people.  I make hurt someone.  I would never intentionaly hurt anyone or their feelings but it hurts hiding mine so much


I’m beginning to accept that my thoughts and I, myself am FAR from perfect.  I never wanted to accept this before.  I wanted to be perfect to everyone else.  To the world.  If they saw me as perfect it must be true! Right?.   Not so.

 I need to believe I am perfectly ok.  Mistakes.  Flaws and all

7.  Friends with a calling

Do you have that certain friend that just has a knack for something in particular? I do, my friend “R” really needs to consider a job as a “Book Recommend-er” lol (Is there such a title??)

She has SUCH a talent for describing books and finding the perfect book that FITS you. I seriously can tell you that she has NEVER disappointed. All her recommendations are RIGHT ON. She has not known me too long, yet, she can always seem to find and recommend the  perfect book
Current Recommendation I am reading:

Unbearable Lightness:  A Story of Loss and Gain

by Portia de rossi

Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain

8.  My last want……

Tomorrows spring festival to be OVER with at school . I really do not enjoy or like “party days”. Its crazy enough, and through in special ed, and complete chaos.  My students would actually prefer a normal day, (So would I!) BUT we both have to deal with the uncomfort of changes life throws at us. We also need to enjoy to learn new things. My students, and myself ❤


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