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being cognizant of blame and guilty feelings.

I try NOT to blame others, OR myself. Its difficult

Here are some tips if you are dealing with guilt and blame in your life. These are truly WONDERFUL

Do not allow yourself to be put down and blamed!


for autism awareness month. 🙂

check out my post here

and this is one of my favorite teaching blogs ❤ 


a little girls getaway with my mom!
We are headed South! Hopefully the weather is nice, because I have a few fun things planned (Besides walking and lounging on the beach!)

  • Brookgreen Gardens                     
  • Shrimping and Dolphin Adventure Cruise   shrimping aboard a 90 foot cruise                                                                             Imagine this: our 90-foot cruise boat pulls right along side a working shrimp boat and our knowledgeable guide explains shrimping as the passengers watch the fishermen harvest the delicacies.   Dolphins and possibly shark feed off the “by-catches” from the shrimping nets, their presence is felt as they jump along side the boat.  Watch as the live catch – including shrimp, crabs, sand dollars, star fish, sea urchins, and other marine life that has ventured into the nets – scuttle about the deck. The astonishing variety of creatures that live under the sea is spread out to be observed at close range.  The shrimp boat is actually owned by the same company that owns our boat.  This is a unique opportunity to not only enjoy a short cruise but to learn about our shrimping industry, close up.  


my alone time

Living alone is no longer a cliche.  It can be empowering :). Read the article.  Do you enjoy living alone? Or would you?


Dirty Dancing LIVE

(FYI this show is NOT at the Kimmel Center, like I thought.  We were redirected to the Academy of Music a few blocks down)
Wow. This show was fabulous! Like most women my age, I grew up watching this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Yup, I too, know all the words, all the scenes all the details…

So for me, this show was probably one of the BEST I have ever seen.
The cast was SO talented. It was extremely believable that I was watching the MOVIE and not at a live show. The cast were great replicas, even their voices sounds the same.

They creatively reproduced many favorite scenes (“I carried a watermelon”, “But most of all I am scared of leaving this room and never feeling the way I do when I’m with you……(Cue sex scene (which was done tastefully!) and of course “No body puts baby in the corner”

The dancing was beautiful, breathtaking and intriguing! Mom and I were both shaking and practically hopping out of our seats to join them on stage……..if it was not for our 1,000 foot drop from our Amphitheater seating…..that was the ONLY downfall to the show.

Never again will I get the Amphitheater seats 😦  IT was not only a terrible view, BUT it was scary! We were so high up, the seats were super cramped, and it nearly gave us a heart attack walking down (and up) the narrow almost non existent scary steps! YIKES)

If it were not for the show, I probably would have left at intermission due to the seating, BUT however the fact that it was INDEED Dirty Dancing, I had no desire to go anywhere. I would risked being scared and cramped to see “No body puts baby in the corner”

I am glad it did. The ending was amazing. I have a a true desire to go out and take some dancing lessons. After all, “Baby” was able to look like a pro in a week……maybe i can too??? 🙂



Are you a Pet parent? Get in on the Easter Egg Hunt Fun!
Bring you pup to their very own egg hunt! Kids!?  Who needs em!  🙂


Mark your calendars for Doggie Easter Egg Hunt!

April 4, 2015
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Admission: $10 per family
Benefiting: The Princess Buttercup Foundation

Join The Princess Buttercup Foundation in our 3rd annual Doggie Easter Egg Hunt from 12 noon to 4 pm at Timber Creek Park in Gloucester Township, NJ. We’ll have vendors, arts & crafts, non-profit organizations, adoptable animals, music by Tri-State Professionals DJ, food, activities for kids, candy for kids, Easter Bunny photos by Megan Janezic’s Photography, Egg Hunts (for dogs only), raffle baskets, prizes, agility course for dogs, and more! Admission is $10 per family and includes a photo with the Easter Bunny, admission into the Egg Hunt, and access to the Festival. Donate a gift basket and your admission fee will be waived! So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

For more information, please email



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