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Un manic Monday 4.06.15

Happy Easter to all that celebrate! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Mine was spent driving 9 hours with my favorite ladies. Lily and mom.

We listed to The Art of Racing in the Rain on our way and it is so adorable. It is a story told through the eyes of a dog. It’s hilarious, funny , real and sad. Beautifully written. Makes me love Lily even more now!IMG_4948

My Sunday was tough. Very emotional for me…..because if was a change. Off my typical schedule. I felt fortunate but flustered to have an incredible roomie for the week. Today was bad. Filled with anxiety and anger. Good old ED strikes again, this time just feelings. I admitted to myself and my mom that I hated the fact of her wanting to “eat like me” or eat what I eat. NO. I can not and will not have that. My food. My recipes. Me. Me. Me. That’s what makes me special god dammit! My special recipes are just for meeeeeeeee….

Wow. Hissy fit over finally. After chopping some veggies for weekly meal prep in myrtle beach, lily and I headed off for a walk and to blow off some steam

I thank god for my mama every day. That she has the patience to deal with me through my recovery. She truly is an amazing woman. A true inspiration. Thank you for putting up with me and my craziness. I’m sorry for being so ridiculous at times. However I am learning and growing and dealing with all those uncomfortable things


PS. It is ok if you like to eat what I eat, and it is also ok if you do not. We all have preferences. I won’t judge yours, do not judge mine ❤

PSS By the way I’m never coming home. The weather is unreal here. My perfect temp!


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