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Thankful Thursday 4.09.15

I am usually thankful for Thursday because the following day is FRIDAY! Not this week! I do not want it to end!

Life and weather is beautiful here in SC!  ❤ Living it up the best I can before heading home to NJ, where the weather is iffy and unpredictable. Gotta love jersey! 🙂


my beautiful morning walks along the beach. It clears my mind and prepares me for the day. When I begin I am filled with emotion and anxiety. By the end……calmness overcomes me ❤


for being open minded and try NEW things 🙂

Here is my recap of our day at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrels Inlet, SC. I highly recommend this! It is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!

Tickets are $15 but I scooped up a groupon (bc I am awesome like that!) and got us half price !


gorgeous flowers everywhere!


I felt like I was in a fairy tale……


A stop by the fountain dedicated to the Roman goddess Diana……, no, its not me 🙂


statues and fountains and bee’s OH MY !


Jimmy, a wonderful man on tour with us, was our dedicated photographer 🙂 (and yes, we walked through the HUT)


These palms are just breathtaking. So many different varieties!


cute! Right?



after the gardens we headed by short trolley to the zoo area. They had all native animals and birds, plus some rescues (like a bald eagle that had his left wing shot by a hunter 😦  )


River Otters!!!  Oh my, how do I want one!??  Luckily Lily looks VERY similar to one 🙂




Look up and see………..NESTS!! Cool right!? Just make sure your mouth is closed…….close call, trust me!

Our group “guide” told us we MUST come back around the holidays (Christmas) The gardens are so beautifully lit. I will definitely be back!

Aunt Irene and Uncle Jim, you will LOVE it here!  Tina………..they have an awesome play area for kids too!! Also a butterfly garden (it was an additional $3 so we opted out) Kind of reminds me of storybook land!

Christmas at Brookgreen

Also, I was thinking this would make a BEAUTIFUL wedding venue!


beautiful weather and a passion to LIVE and see things 🙂

Before heading to Brookgreen Gardens mom and I stopped by Murrels Inlet to walk the boards and grab a drink at “The Love Shack”.


So beautiful and peaceful!



Life is good


for nature.

I am in love with how beautiful things are here. Especially when you stop and take the time to really look at them!  I am excited to check out the Cherry Grove marshes and Kayak along them……..hoping to spot some river otters and such 🙂


Huntington Beach State Park

This is a MUST on my list as well!

Huntington Beach State Park, located across from Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, is an oceanfront state park that has it all. Just minutes south of Myrtle Beach, the park has a freshwater lagoon, a salt marsh, maritime forest trails and best of all, three miles of pristine beach!

Popular activities at Huntington Beach State Park include camping, fishing, picnicking, biking, swimming, hiking and some of the best bird watching on the East Coast. The park offers miles of roads for biking and miles of trails for hiking this heavily wooded area.

Atalaya Castle

The park is home to a Moorish-style castle, the Atalaya, which was the former winter home and studio of renowned American sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the castle has a 40 ft tower, a studio with 25 ft skylight and 30 rooms around the castle’s perimeter. Guided castles tours are available March thru October and self-guided audio tours are available year-round. Art lovers will also enjoy visiting the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival held in and around the castle every September.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the park’s Environmental Education Center. You can pet a stingray or see loggerhead turtles and other endangered species of animals and plants up close and personal. The park’s freshwater lake is a great place to see alligators in their native habitat.


for being able to tell my mom my fears and anxiety. This week has been HARD for me. Its difficult eating in front of someone when you feel your eating habits are always WRONG. Its difficult having someone around that is a different pace than you. Its difficult to deal with change. This week has been uncomfortable at times for me, but has helped me GROW with my comfort around people and others. It also is making me realize that my choices are MY choices. Whether they are right or wrong only matters to me. What YOU think does not affect me. It has taken me a LONG time to accept this. I always feel WRONG, however I am beginning to gain that confidence in myself that my choices are RIGHT for me. Do what is right for YOU ! ❤



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