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Wednesday Wants 4.15.15

Some things I want YOU to know 🙂

1. Happy Autism Awareness Month!  

How amazing is this little boy. WOW

The 11-year-old boy with autism is seen drawing the intricate map of the world from scratch

2.  Exhausted? Tired? Burnt out? 

THIS may be why (MOM, please read!!)

Yesterday I was beyond exhausted.  After a “relaxing” week of vacation, a weekend full of hiking and errands, PLUS first day back at school……..PHEW.  I had two invites from my parents and a friend to stop by last night. I JUST COULD’NT!

I was more mentally exhausted than anything else. I think I give so much to my students during the day that the last thing I feel like doing is MORE talking when I get home 😦

3.  Balance

Number 2 leads me to realize and see that I need to find MORE balance. I have been doing well and am able to have better balance, but I still struggle with work. Its difficult because I love my job. Its a huge part of my life because it is not just a job, its children and their lives ❤  So its very hard for me to find that balance.

4.  Shhhhh! or Take it

How do you handle an OVER talker? You know, that person that THINKS they are having a conversation with YOU but in fact they are just talking and talking and talking and………Do you tell them? Do you just sit back and listen? How do you handle these situations?

Now, I realize that friends and family can do this and we can be more open and honest with them, but how do you handle a stranger that you recently met, and are sort of stuck with for a few hours?


5.  Matrix Air fare search

this allows you to search for the BEST prices a month in advance! Love this tool!

6.  Shooting range

I want to go. I want to learn. I want to overcome my fear

7. Be YOU

I have been working very hard on being myself this year 🙂  I can TELL it is working and I am growing because I can easily spot OTHERS that are people pleasers and really have no idea of what they love and enjoy

Please please PLEASE make sure to take care of YOU!  It is not selfish! In fact, it will ONLY benefit others when you are happy and true to yourself!



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