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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful

For finally finishing Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Wow. What a story. What an adventure. I loved learning about the history intertwined with and amazing and passionate love story. Jaime is my dream guy. I too hope to one day find someone that loves me as Jamie loves Clare.

Read my review <a href=”http://Outlander (Outlander, #1)Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was completely out of my genre and comfort zone. I prefer quick reads and psychological thrillers. History always has been a major dislike of mine. Butttttt I heard so many wonderful things about this book and series (not to mention a tv version now on starz!) I have it a shot

Yes it was long and detailed and at times I felt drawn out , but…..Jamie and the love story. Ahhhhhh my heart is nearly busting out of my chest. The hopes of one day finding someone that truly loves me as Jamie loves Clare is enough to keep me hooked

From steamy passionate sex scenes to history (made interesting) this is a book I have come to love. I have already started on book two.

Reading this book I felt so engaged and almost a part of their lives, love story and adventure. I was always excited to read more … much crammed into this book between history and a romantic story I never was disappointed (although frustrated at times bc my impatience wants and needs answers)

So I will give this 4 stars and continue on with the journey. 🙂

View all my reviews“>here

Ps. Yup. I have started book 2. Dragonfly in Amber.

I am thankful

For my mom. She listens. Even when it’s difficult or things she does not want. To hear.

Aren’t these adorable? Perfect for Mother’s Day!
Recipe here


I am thankful

for this amazing weather. It just makes me happy, smile and feel in such a great mood!

I am thankful

for starting my morning with LISTS.

I love to prepare for my day by jotting down the things on my mind, making a list, and most of all accomplishing those things on my list

I am thankful

that I am able to recognize undesirable/uncomfortable feelings

I feel lost today

I want to do something DIFFERENT after work, instead of forcing myself to do the same old thing…..its hard for me to do different things, BUT I realize that by forcing myself to continue the pattern is NOT making me happy. In fact it is ruining my love and passion for the thing that USED to bring me pleasure.

I seem to want to take all and any pleasure away from myself


I am thankful

for fresh fruits and veggies

I am so looking forward to hitting up the local farmers markets and seeing what is in store for me!!  I love trying new things! Plus I love roasting my veggies!! I wonder what kind of squash I will find next!

I am thankful

that this weekend is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL

I am thankful

that I was able to finish my taxes on time 🙂

I am thankful

my cousin got some great health news today! ❤


I am thankful

baby Amelia is on her way!! ❤

I am thankful

for my quiet after work walks

They are much needed. I just love being outside and alone ❤



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