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Friday faves 


Welcome baby Amelia!! I am so happy and proud !

8 lbs 3 oz

Birthday:  April 16, 2015

already getting spoiled by Aunt Tina

My mom could NOT take her eyes off this little munchkin!

My dad can NOT believe how much baby Amelia looked like Mike! 🙂

Aunt Diana holding the sweet pea!


Mike and Carla, FREE babysitters above!!! 🙂


I met my parents at the hospital today to welcome the latest, newest, cutest addition to our ever growing family ~

My mom looked super cute in her lime green accented shirt, SO I complimented her!   She tried to compliment me too, but instead said “You should have worn something a little nicer because you could have met a doctor here!”

Hmmm, ok, Just like I tell my students


I was perfectly fine going to the hospital in my sweat pants and sweat shirt. I was neat, clean, polished. I do not need to get dolled up and dressed up if I do not want to, because THIS IS ME!  I like wearing sweat, YOU like wearing zebra print, to each his own!  I realize you meant no harm, but you also must realize you are trying to change me and make me someone I am not. I am no longer falling into that. I will wear what I feel most comfy in.

PLUS, if I were to meet someone, I would want them to like me for me, sweats or not. I want to be liked and loved for more than my outer appearance 🙂



This week a few friends reached out to me, just a little text here, an invite there. It feels so good to feel a part of something 🙂 My friends get me and respect my need for space. I do not feel pushed or guilted into doing this with them ❤

Now I just need to work on myself getting out there more with PEOPLE!  I like people. I enjoy people and friends, but it is so much easier for me to be alone , because I can truly be myself. However it is slowly coming along. People are getting to see the real me, whether they like it or not 🙂



enough. said.

It is my absolute FAVE day of the week (ok, Saturday is, but Friday is # 2)





I am really going to try HARD to separate my week and weekend. I want to enjoy this weekend. I do not want to think about work and all the things I need/want to do.  I want to just let my mind enjoy MY life instead on dwelling on work.


feeling blushed

The other day a stranger approached me at Trader Joe’s. He gave me the nicest, sweetest compliment ever! He told me that I had the most stunning eyes. That he was not sure what to call them, blue? bluish gray? Smokey?

Then he also complimented my jean jacket, and of course asked for my number (nice moves kiddo!)

I gave it to him, because after a unique comment like that, how could I not!?


A friend offered to take me out on his motorcycle. YIKES!  However, I have been thinking about that ever since it was mentioned. Its a fear. I would like to do it. It requires trust and guts……

Have you ever been on a motorcycle?




I absolutely LOVE Valley Green in the Wissahickon! I love how close it is most of all! Most hiking spots are in the Poconos or in north jersey, far drive. Valley green is a short trek over the bridge. I love that it is bustling with life, nature, people, dogs! So much to do! So beautiful!! In fact I will be heading out there to enjoy the sunshine on Saturday! Too beautiful to pass up on a day in nature!]

My friend “D” in California recently ventured out to Yosemite!

I am super envious! Check out these pictures!



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