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Ten for Tuesday 4.21.15

1.  Priceless 🙂

2.  ISO Snuggle Buddy 🙂

I really do not think I am ready to date. I am just loving finding myself and being a bit “selfish”. However I love friends and building that “trust”. I am looking for someone to cuddle up with on the couch and read, talk, laugh, etc, no strings (or sex!) attached ❤

3. squeaky clean

Lily has now had 2 baths in ONE week. After a recent hike that ended up in her rolling around in unidentified feces, she needed another bath
I love love LOVE this self serve pet wash!

Its so easy, leave NO mess in my tub and its quick, plus Lily is LESS panicked since I am there (poor thing!)

4. local hikes/walks

I am looking to broaden my horizons with other places to walk and hike that are local. I am tiring of the SAME Ol’ walk. I stick to it because it is close, and after work, WHO feels like driving any distance (aka TRAFFIC!)

So if you know of any local areas to walk and hike PLEASE let me know!

Ps- Looking for 3 ++ miles

5. Massage

Scheduled! For Saturday! Ahhhhhhh can NOT wait.  I (and my back) deserve it!

Hopefully this will make me feel LESS of an old lady!

6. Books

I am currently reading

Outlander:  Dragonfly in Amber <3<3<3


My Sisters Keeper (Jodi Piccoult)

I have accepted and come to terms with the fact that I love good old fashioned BOOKS. I just cant seem to get quite as excited, engaged or motivated to read it on kindle. Yes it is cheaper. Yes it is more convenient. BUT IT IS JUST NOT THE SAME!

I am so old fashioned!

7. History

Thank you Outkander for turning my my least favorite (history) into something of interest for me now! Wow if I only knew about this series in high school!

I’ve learned about Jacobites, prince Charlie, various clans and wars….and the best part!? I’m into finding out MORE about them. So after reading I also do some searching!

Scotland is definitely on my must visit list:)

Wonder is Jamie Fraser will be there???:)

8. Tina! And those of you heading to Disney…

Have you seen the latest line? You totally need this add these to your luggage 🙂

9. And because of Minnie and mickey I now want….

One of these!!


Awe man the good ol days!

10.  Bookshelf ideas

Ah-ha! I will try something like this! A place to sit & read, but not a place I can easily fall asleep, and definitely not a place where people will steal my office for a guest room :) EDIT: This is now my most popular pin!

My latest project. Searching for ways to organize and make my bookshelf look awesome!!


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