Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday Wants 4.23.15

I want

To say how proud I am of my father. For the first time I actually seeing him making an effort to change his old habits. He made me so proud the other day when he called me and told me he is interested in taking some classes to improve his reading!IMG_5079

I am so proud of this man.<3 I hope he continues to allow his wonderful, amazing , true self shine through. He really is wonderful person, I hope he starts believing it himself!

Ha! Check this out! Dad, is that you??

I want

To thank my beautiful and lovely assistant, “A” for her help with something so simple yet so smart that I would have NEVER came up with. My mind is a crazy mess some days. I try to balance and keep everything going, making sure each student gets their time with me, that I work on specific goals with everyone, etc, etc, etc. In turn, my head feels like a TWISTER!

I made a schedule for a student. She broke it down and made mini schedules to place around the room and in her id badge. Brilliant! Seriously how did I get so lucky! She completes my thoughts!

I want

To stop feeling like it is “groundhogs day”. Seriously I need change

I want
To say that lately food has not been on my mind much. I can not believe that I am saying this. What I eat or what I weigh means so little to me. It’s about what makes me feel good, happy, energized and content. That’s what my focus is on 🙂

I am in a happy place today I realize the struggle and battle is still ahead. The ugly demons still lie within and often creep up but today , I am content, Every day gets better or I learn from it

I want

To say my mom gives a fabulous manicure! Holy moly she is good!

I want

To share a guilty pleasure of mine. BLOGS
I love reading them nightly. This is what I do, instead of TV!

I love the new ideas, thoughts , creativity, advice.
My blog feed has been changing and I am ever so proud because that means I too am changing

I am growing. I am becoming more than just one thing or one label(eating disorder). In fact I am so tired of reading about eating disorders, body image, health….I am starting it eliminate some of it from my feed and adding new interests!

I used to obsess with running, health, fitness. Now I am a different person. Yes health is extremely important to me. Part of being healthy is being diverse….in every aspect. Even blogs 🙂

I want
To stop tip toeing around uncomfortable issues I’d like to address or say to others. Yes it may be hard initially, but the payoff is priceless. Determination, satisfaction, relief ….


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