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Weekend Update and Week Ahead

Weekend Warrior. This is what best describes me this weekend. For some reason, I have been filled with many ups and downs, highs and lows. I suppose that is pretty normal BUT I DON’T LIKE IT. I just want to be happy and excited ALL the time….

At least I am getting pleasure and enjoying activities, whereas before this was even difficult. So this is a big step in the right direction 🙂

So here is my weekend Update 🙂

I felt down before practice but immediately felt great once I started. I was enjoying it. I was having fun. I was not dreading something. 

Soccer practice with “L”.  Brrr, a bit cool this morning, but still tons of fun!  I accompanied my cuz and his little ladies to soccer practice. “L” has been having a hard time with it for a few reasons, and today I saw how overwhelming it must have been for her. It was overwhelming for me. A daze of orange shirts running all around, falling, tripping, dribbling, scoring. YIKES!

We lightened things up a bit with ME playing soccer. I also got to practice my “stunt man” skills and practice a few falls (Was hoping to show “L” there was NOTHING to be worried about)

She did get into the practice and really enjoyed it, just had some difficulty getting involved with the kids. I get it!  Time and confidence will help 🙂

I remember as a kid CRYING hysterically for my mom EVERY SINGLE TIME I went anywhere without her. I was always ok during the day, but once the sun set, the tears rolled down my face. I was such a BABY! 🙂

After practice I felt sad again. I hate these ups and downs. They are exhausting.  I just felt “alone”. Not alone as in “I have no one” but more alone like no one truly gets me….or cares. I know this is ME, in no way do I truly think people feel this way towards me. Its how I feel about myself. I know this.

I often times feel like this….

Roller coaster. Ups and downs


A bout of tiredness hit me right before my massage. My immediate thought “Hmmm, how can I cancel, how can I run away? What excuse can I make NOT to go”

I forced myself to go as much as I did not want to and ended up having the BEST massage I have ever had!

I highly, highly , highly recommend Rebecca (Becki) from the Marlton Hand and Stone. She is incredible and amazing. She asks all the right questions before, during and after. She KNEW what she was doing. She was well informed, passionate and you could tell she enjoyed her job. Her passion seeped through her fingers (and elbows!)

I had never had a hot stone used on me before and my jaw hit the floor. It is incredible! Warm, cozy, perfect. It really worked wonders on those tight spots.

She uses a fantastic blend of scents, lotions and “potions”. She even made me a little sample bag filled with incredible creations (I already tried the lip balm and it was so tingly on my lips!)

I truly felt pampered and like so much stress has just lifted from my back and shoulders.

Please go. You deserve it.


Drinks and coffee talk 🙂

I met “S” last night for drinks and to catch up a bit on our crazy weeks. Its pretty insane how we are on the same page with so many things! Also, I told him last night as well, I am certainly impressed with his knowledge of people, life and they way things “work”. Overcoming an eating disorder and having met (and loved) many addicts in my life, this never came easy to me. It took me MANY MANY years to realize the things I know now about myself and others. YES I heard all the wonderful sayings “You can not change people, YOU can not make others do anything, YOU can not make others see the light”……..However I thought I was different. I thought I could change people for the better IF I TRIED HARD ENOUGH. All that led to was failure and disappointment.

You can not help anyone that is not ready to see the light and accept that help. Admittance is truly the first step. Can you say things out loud that you yourself avoid?

I HAVE/HAD AN EATING DISORDER. Yup, I was finally ready to face this…..

What are you FINALLY ready to accept and face?

I FINALLY went to the newly renovated PJ’s in Maple Shade!! IT is so nice!! I love the outdoor area and the many televisions, its a bit overwhelming (WHERE DO I LOOK!?) But overall great updates and changes!


What gets YOU motivated. I have tons to do today. I gave up the thought of going for a hike today and opted to stay home and get stuff done!  

Nope, I do not feel like doing much of anything on my list which includes:


Meal prep

Lesson plans


writing/paying bills

But it needs to be done. Hopefully I can get a lot done and have enough energy to read “My Sisters Keeper” a bit this evening…..lately I have been zonking out quite early, unable to get my reading time in!


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