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Un-Manic Monday 4.27.15

Happy Monday ! 🙂

It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL spring like week here in NJ! 🙂

How will your start making your week Un-Manic?


Wow. With the Bruce Jenner interview, a friend telling me about a student, and so much information about transgender….this article really struck me. It discusses what it is like to be a parent of a child that is transgender. Its beautiful and so incredible to see how a child feels stuck and so sad in their own identify. I think in a way, transgender or not, we can all relate

I am so glad that so much information and awareness is being shared , because I myself had NO clue about transgender-ism….until Now 🙂

What I Wish More People Knew About Raising a Transgender Child


Temple Grandin

CHL 0425 Autism Temple Grandin

I just want to give her a HUGE hug ❤

Ugh, I am so bummed I missed out on the Temple Grandin meet and greet session last week !  My friend and I BOTH signed up but were too late, even I think 2 months in advance!? Wow!  We were both placed on the “waiting list” which neither one of us heard anything else about.

I have read a few of her books and she really is INCREDIBLE. She has such insight and tips and shows the POSITIVE side of autism. She has also made me realize that I am the one that needs to adjust and change, so that I can help my students the best I can

Read all about her and her meet and greet HERE

Its NOT Temple, BUT it is an Autism Awareness in Schools campaign? It may be worth checking out. Its being held at Camden County College tomorrow at 6:30

Here is more info


Open Relationships

I just listened to a pod cast on Open Relationships. I will admit, I have always been AGAINST open relationships. I had a hard time seeing HOW it could work, however, now that I am not in a relationship, I can see how it can and may benefit SOME people. I say some, because I feel that BOTH parties really need to be on the same page, AND communicate, communicate COMMUNICATE.  Would I consider it? No.  Its just not for me. I am too jealous of a person, I don’t think I could ever… marriage is very intimate and special to me. I would not want to share that with anyone else, nor have my partner.  However, I can totally understand how some people feel differently.
So I have to say, after years of firm NO WAY JOSE attitude, I am going with “Whatever works for you, I will not judge”

I will say, isn’t it better to be in a open, honest relationship where you communicate, than a cheater? Lying and deceit is terrible. Trust is lost, completely. Open relationships are at least honest 🙂

What are YOUR thoughts on monogamy? Open relationship and Polyamorous relationships?


Calm ❤

Monday’s usually go either way for me. Extremely well or Extremely bad 🙂

Today was an EXCELLENT day. I firmly believe it was because of my attitude. My students ALL had a fabulous day. They were excited, happy, motivated. I was patient, and explained and expressed myself CLEARLY.  I took the time to focus on the issues at hand instead of trying to rush through and move on to the next task



My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

Wow. I love this book. It has sparked so many memories for me. I am about 75 % done and the one thing it makes me realize MOST is how much I wanted my brother to recover when he was very sick.

I did EVERYTHING in my power that I could to save him, or he his “keeper”. Yet I never stopped to think about what HE wanted or how HE felt. I thought I was doing something good, however I was doing something good for MYSELF

Loosing someone is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, we need to sometimes stop and ask what it is that THEY want.

I love you bobo and am so happy you fought for so long and made so much impact in so many lives. I am glad you are free and happy and watching over me ❤


Hmmm, I am contemplating whether or not to head to Myrtle Beach for Memorial weekend. Part of me wants to have some fun in the sun, part of me is scared!  Apparently bike week begins and the past few years things got a little craaaay cray!

What To Expect

Black Bike Week Do’s and Don’ts


6. Realize that some women don’t come to Black Bike week with the intention of riding on the back of a bike. They just come to hang out at Black Bike Week.

Festival of Violence 



I love Arman over at The Big Mans World

he posted this yummy looking Pho noodle salad

Healthy Pho Noodle Salad- This Healthy Pho Noodle salad is perfect for a weeknight light meal or served alongside your mains! Gluten free and chock full of delicious flavours, the delicious sauce used is paleo and vegan friendly- There is also a low carb version! @thebigmansworld

“S” and I have been on a “pho” kick. We talk about it all. the . time.   Yes we are obsessed. HE eats it about 3x per week, I think about it about 3x per week.

I have YET to make it. This week I WILL DO IT!



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