Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday Wants 4.29

I want

to make this Diy bike basket

Yup yup yup!!


I want

Another wonderful use for mason jars!

Start an herb garden!



I want

to stop self sabotage

I know. I know. I KNOW. I talk a lot about self sabotage on my blog. Yes, I am quite aware that this is my tactic and coping mechanism in life. YES I also know I am the ONLY one that can change it. It is just so HARD.

I get myself so upset because I really want to be happy and enjoy things. I am slowly starting to enjoy moments, but I still dread the anticipation of it. I want to feel EXCITED when I make plans to do something, instead of filling my head with anxiety, fear, worry….

When I plan something, I initially have intentions of gaining fulfillment, pleasure, and enjoyment from them, then the evil ED arises with self doubt

“What if you want to leave after only a few hours Diana, WHAT will people think?”
“What if people do not understand that you do not really enjoy going out during the week because your brain dead and mentally exhausted from work?  They will NOT want to be your friend”

“What if you say the wrong things, or are boring? Your friend may never call you again”

“What if you just stay home, alone, or go somewhere ALONE because then you won’t have to worry about ALL those things!”

so this is where I stand. I am making an effort to try to stop self sabotaging myself TODAY. I am working hard and strong looking for the positives AND I know its my own thoughts. My true friends and family understand me and my needs/personality and will get over things, even if they do not like it. Just as I dislike some qualities of people, BUT since I care about them I am willing to compromise.  🙂

I want

to enjoy things MORE often

I want

to stop dreading those “unplanned” moments

Instead of being upset that I do not have a plan or schedule. I WANT to just “go with the flow”



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