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Friday Faves 5.01.15

Happy Friday and Happy May!!

Wow. April really breezed through!  Just another reminder how quickly life goes!  Enjoy every moment! Especially those FRIDAY’S!!


Used Book Sale

Last month, I visited the annual Cherry Hill Library used book sale and WOAH. It was huge, crowded, pretty impressive! I really make out like a book bandit with some great reads, most of which were on my goodreads feed 🙂

This weekend, Cinnaminson Library is holding THEIR annual book sale! I stopped by last night and picked up a few great finds (The Great Gatsby (i have never read it!) The Husbands Secret (weeeeeeeee!) and another Jodi Picoult book since I loved My Sisters Keeper so much!


The Cinnaminson book sale is much smaller, but none the less, still great! It had a nice selection and two rooms to browse through.  It was MUCH smaller than Cherry HIll, but depending on your tastes, it is worth checking out!


Thank you “C” for this inspiration. I am going to try to get my dad to help me with this little project!! Door bed frames! ❤



Would YOU hug a porcupine?

We did the cutest writing assignment and craft this week in honor of National Hug Day! We Read How Do You Hug A Porcupine , discussed WHY we would or would NOT want to hug one ourselves and wrote about WHO we WOULD want to hug. Then we made these adorable little porcupines. I can’t wait to see the finished product and hang it up. HUGE Thanks to Denise for providing me with the toothpicks I left at home!







My friend “S” surprised me with some take out!! He brought me some delicious and FABULOUS Vietnamese PHO! I am such a lucky girl!


It was delicious!  Even better, was how thoughtful it was of him!!

PS- I forgot how much I LOVE eating with chopsticks!!

which reminds me to THANK Amy for making a pretty fabulous set for my kiddo’s to use! They love using them and its perfect for fine/gross motor skill practice! Her’s looked something like these, only BETTER



My job. Yes it is definitely draining and can be stressful, BUT the rewards of it are beyond words! I love my job.

Are you happy with yours??  Find out


I love these illustrations of LOVE ❤



Blueberries. YUM, how I love these little blue guys!

Blueberry CObbler overnight oats!

blueberry cobbler overnight oats


love learning new things

What great advice and tips for face mapping:  What your skin says about your health!


dress down Friday’s

Look how happy I am on my WAY to work ! 🙂




1 thought on “Friday Faves 5.01.15”

  1. The cute porcupine craft was excellent. Such creativity, looks like your kids did an amazing job. Their sentence writing so good and very neat. The PHO looks delicious, I definitely would love to try some soon. You look so rested and ready to face your day at school on this beautiful Friday. Great blog!!!


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