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Un Manic Monday 5.04.15

UN Manic 

 A little hurt at first hearing someone’s perception of my life. But I am better than my self doubt. I am happy where I am at in my life right now. I don’t need anyone to justify that to me πŸ™‚
Stop worrying about what other people think

UN Manic

My parents and I had an awesome conversation today. The people that truly love you and know you are the only ones you need to worry about letting “in” to your life. If people want to judge you then they really aren’t your true meaningful friends

UN Manic

I am totally trying out one of these local and awesome yoga mats!! (they are so pretty too!)

UN Manic

The winner of the Kentucky Derby may have been my dads #1 choice (American Pharaoh)

BUT Johnny Weir definitely wins for best hat! πŸ™‚

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Churchill Downs

UN Manic

“I”‘s first Holy Communion.

It was SOOOOO good to see my family and celebrate “I”s first Holy Communion! What a beautiful day all around!




So proud


Beautiful family ❀


Awwwwww my mom and dad ❀ Don’t they both look amazing!


I loved my moms outfit, with just the right hint of “red”


Dad and me ❀


The navy girls ❀

UN Manic

A little girl in front of me at church sparked my memory of my FAVORITE tights as a kiddo myself. The ones above with the little red hearts, well, YEAH they were kind of my favorite (still are!)

Do you remember a favorite outfit as a child??

UN Manic

Lily had a play date!!

Yesterday I ran into a neighbor and her pup , Lucy. Lily and Lucy are BFF’s. They get so happy and excited whenever the run into each other! “K” (Lucy’s mommy) and I have talked about playdates for the two for quite some time, yesterday it finally happened!! I dropped Lily off to “play” as “S” and I headed out to run a few errands!  It was so adorable. When we came to pick her up………there was a fun house inside! Doggy tunnels, toys, barks, excitement, happiness!


It was so cute!! They had a blast!! I think I may need to get BFF doggy charms? Is this a thing? πŸ™‚

UN Manic

Congrats to my nephew “C”!

The cutie on the left, scored not 1, not 2 but THREE (3) goals in soccer this weekend!!! Woooo hooooooo.

Luckily he does not take after ME in his soccer skills. I do not think I ever scored a goal….well I did ….once, but that was in my OWN teams goal…OOPS!

UN Manic

yesterday was the first time I actually MISSED running. All the talk about Broad Street run made me feel sad. I want to be able to run again, BUT I want to run for enjoyment and pleasure, not make it an unhealthy addiction. I think in time, I will be able to make peace with it. For now I will continue my walks for a little longer. I AM enjoying them!

What do I miss most? The feeling of excitement and nervousness when the sound of the starting gun goes off…

Congrats to all my running buddies that completed Broad street! (SUch a great and FUN race)

ps- congrats to “R” over at NY Wishes Chicago Dreams, she totally busted her all time workout and running goal , with a little help from a friend ❀



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