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Wednesday Wants 5.06.15

I want

All things wooden (continued!)

Bamboo French Press

Bamboo French Press Coffee Maker

I want

to check out Spruce Street Harbor Park this summer!


I want

to try this adorable and practical experiment with my Kiddo’s, PLUS it would double as some art work for my May Bulletin Board (thanks to Amy!)

Exploring absorption, color theory, and saturation with a spring science and art project in preschool

Now, I just need to find eye droppers……..somewhere!

I want

to continue to seek balance

It is SO hard.

I want

to say that I am finally realizing that everyone has issues and problems. It is how you choose to LOOK at them and WORK through them that matters 🙂

For a long time, I felt I was so alone, I was the only one that struggled with food, thoughts, balance. I realize I am not. In fact, MOST people have struggles daily, just like me. I am not happy for them, however I am happy for really realizing this

I always “knew” this, yet I guess I really did not accept or believe it.  Finally sinking in

One of those light bulb moments ❤

I want

more patience. I can never have enough.

I want

my dad to try Yoga with us this weekend! ❤

I want


to enjoy my NYC experience. I am SUPER excited that it will be a beautiful day in the city!!

I am going on Saturday. First to see a show, then to wander around a bit. life if good!

I want

my headache to go away 😦

I love spring but hate this pollen. It is making my head miserable!

I want


to brag about my parents! They are doing SO awesome and really working together!! They are accepting each other and encouraging each other. It is SO nice to see ❤

They EVEN went for an EARLY work yesterday morning! Wow!! 🙂

I want

this dress………but I do NOT want to spend $375 for it 🙂



I want

to share that this is day 2 with OUT sugarless gum and I feel FABULOUS!! My tummy troubles are G-O-N-E!

If you are a chew-a-holic and experience tummy pain, give it up and see if this is the problem!

I want

to give my brain a break.

I feel like the past few months, no year, I have been in Self Help Mode. Fixing myself, working on myself, figuring out myself. I am exhausting. I just want to sit back and BE ME… dissection involved

I want

to share an interesting podcast I listened to the other day on Asexuality. Wow. I always heard the word asexual and thought of ……….Plants! (Seeeee I did listen in school)
Yet, this is the newest, latest buzz, however it is not “new”. Its just another way of self expression and self awareness and self love. I love that lately there is SO much focus on being YOU. Transgender, gay marriage, intuitive eating, asexuality.

Asexuality has many meanings and like other lifestyles, is NOT a cookie cutter image.
The main definition of asexual is:   LACK of sexual attraction to ANYONE

Being asexual does not mean you are gay. Being asexual does not mean you will never have a romantic or meaningful relationship. Being asexual is nothing to be ashamed of.

I think society has so many unrealistic goals for us. Yet it fails to realize that everyone is different. There is no right way or wrong way. Being heterosexual is not right or wrong. Being gay is not right or wrong. Being asexual is not right or wrong.  Being thin, plump, tall, short, serious, ……….you get my point.

I know for myself, it has been difficult to overcome all the “rules” I believe I should be. I spent many years trying to be something I was not. I wanted people to like me, yet I was pushing my individuality, needs and wants deeper into the ground. I have had a hard time dealing with the feelings that I DO have, because I feel they are wrong (I should be thin, I should run 7 miles every day, I should like everyone, I should enjoy socializing……) I SHOULD be me 🙂

I am happy I am finally feeling more comfortable in my own shoes. I am standing up for what I believe, relying less on OTHERS thoughts and opinions and doing what I want to do. I am seeking and searching for happiness ❤

Stop being so rigid and open up to learning about OTHERS! If you would like more information about asexuality, check out AVEN (The Asexual Visibility and Education Network)

David Jay is the creator of Aven, read more about him here


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