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Things I Learned From My Mom

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s and mom to be’s out there!  You have an impossible job, yet manage to do it every day with a smile on your face!  ❤

A special Happy Mothers Day to my OWN mama! The one that has taught me SO much about life. In more ways than she will EVER know

Happy Mothers Day to the best MOM and FRIEND in the world ❤

Things I learned from my mom ……..

  1. Things will get better.  No matter how tough life gets, it WILL get better. 20140824-221015-79815096.jpg
  2. Eat dinner together . This is my biggest and fondest memory of my childhood. I do not know how my superhero mom managed working, taking care of us and providing us with fabulous, delicious , home cooked meals nightly. We all had to sit down and eat as a family TOGETHER. As much as I disliked this at times, it is now one of my fondest memories and some day hope to instill with my own family ❤
  3. It is OK to cry.  Yes even as an adult. It is ok. Just let it out. My mom has always let me just cry it out. She was there to support me, listen to me and witness my huge sense of relief after a good cry.
  4. Support yourself.  My mother always stressed the importance of an education and a career so that I could support myself. I would never want to rely on anyone else to have to take care of me. I am so fortunate for this because, being divorced, I can and DO take care of myself. Plus, i have found a passion for something i truly enjoy doing.
  5. Follow your dreams. No matter HOW tough things can get. Yes, I have wanted to give up many times. Yet, my mom never let me. She never forced me but always kindly encouraged me. No matter how down I was, she lifted me right back up.20140722-173031-63031122.jpg
  6. Feed your guests. Yes, my mom was always big and generous on feeding her guests 🙂 I love this and I too always have something to offer. Whether they want it or not 🙂
  7. Reading. Finally after years of struggling to love reading, I have finally realized what it is about it that my mom loves so much! We read differently (I Prefer to move and listen to audio books, where she likes to sit and read) but we both share the love of reading and LEARNING new things IMG_1591
  8. Your family will always be there for you. Yes, we fight. We disagree. We irritate, BUT our family is tight. I know (and they do too) if we ever needed each other we would be thereIMG_4493

  9. If you have ONE true friend, you are lucky. Yes, true, loving, caring, friends are tough to find. She has been fortunate to show me it is OK to not have 100 best friends. As long as you have ONE consider yourself blessed! I am lucky to have my mom as my best friendbike1
  10. Get your BUTT up and go to church!  I hatedddddddddddddd being woken up on a Sunday morning as a kid and going to church (I tried everything from sleep “faking” to being “sick” (cough, cough)  BUT my mom made it important that we go together as a family. I love now that I appreciate and will follow through with something similar (maybe not church but some sort of spiritual experience bringing the family together)
  11. Never be ashamed. I always was ashamed/embarresed of being Polish, because it made me……..different. She always encouraged me to be different and learn Polish, learn about the culture, etc, and I am SO glad I did. I am proud to be Polish now. I know two languages. I know about tradition and culture. I know these things because of HER!bike5See!! my mom is not ashamed of her helmet 🙂 hahah
  12. Patience. Wow. My mother has demonstrated this time and time again. She was so patient with my brother, me, my father. She is patient with the students she works with. She is patient when there are long lines. She is patient when things do no immediately go her way. I am still practicing patience, but she is the perfect example of it.IMG_1631
  13. Take your time and do your best.  Even if it takes longer, do it the RIGHT way. It will bring much more satisfaction later (It does!!)
  14. If it does not get done today………..there is ALWAYS tomorrow. Breathe. Enjoy the moment ❤IMG_3151
  15. Never be afraid to try new things. It takes courage to try new things, to go out of your comfort zone. My mom taught me to NEVER quit or give up on something because I am scaredbeig2I tried beignets for the first time, as well as the first time I had something so delicious in over 10 years?  It was scary, but I did it, with HER right beside me >3
  16. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. My mom has taught me that it is NEVER too late to open your eyes and change ❤  She has been doing so amazing finding herself lately and I am so proud of her. I know how difficult it is to change things you have become so comfortable with over the years, even if they are for the best, they are still difficult to change20140826-200943-72583602.jpg
  17. Mother knows best……….about men!  My mom always accepted the men I chose to date (and even marry) whether she thought they were a good fit for me or not. She allowed me to make my own choices and decisions. Although she deep down KNEW they were not for me, she told me her concerns, BUT never tried to talk me out of anything. She left it up to me. This is the best gift she could have ever given me. I learn by DOING not by hearing. I need to physically touch and see things to LEARN. In relationships I need to experience mistakes in order to learn20140729-080654-29214905.jpg
  18. Unconditional Love.  You can get angry, upset, annoyed. All those things come with love. The important thing is unconditional love. My mother taught me this by proving time and again that no matter WHAT I do, she will always love me. I have never felt more loved by anyone than her ❤ My mom had/has unconditional love for all of us. She has dealt with SOOOO much over the year, my own qualms included. From my eating disorder , defiant behavior, terrible TEENS…….she still loves me ❤
  19. mom and i
  20. Take care of your things.  Yes, my mom has pots and pans, tea kettles and dishes from 30 years ago!  Yes, she has some “hoarding” tendencies, BUT She always takes incredible care of her things ❤  In turn, she has some great quality products that are JUST as good as they were 30 years ago 🙂  She has taught me to take care of those things that are important to me. Material and personal ❤

1 thought on “Things I Learned From My Mom”

  1. Wow, I did not know I taught you so many things, but I am so glad that you accepted all these things so fondly. I am soooooo proud of the wonderful person you have become and I will always love you to the moon and back.


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