Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday Wants 5.20.15

1. Miserable

I am plain old MISERABLE. I just can not seem to get myself out of it. Things are just not how I want or imagine them, and I know everyone else on this entire planet is feeling the same way (at one time or another)

I can not control things around me, however I can control HOW I feel, yet I just do not fully know how.

Yesterday I met my parents for a walk. I was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.  After a full day of work , my name being called every two seconds, spills, neediness, not accomplishing things I needed to because of important things that came up (those teachable moments are so important)  Well once again, after school = angry, wiped, tired, cranky MISERABLE
Yet I need to remember everything in life is a choice.   Even being miserable.  Ok great I realize and know this now how do I change 😦

One day at a time.
2. Tip:  one gift to  never,ever, ever give…..I repeat ever ……a gift card to weight watchers!  No matter how good your intentions are.  Just ….don’t.  🙂

3.    No one has the answers

No one really knows any more or better than you.  Never let yourself feel not good enough

4.  Just IMAGINE

This video depicts high functioning autism to a tee. Just imagine for one day…….this is why I do what I do. This is why I try my best to understand. This is why I try to push my frustration way down inside, because I can NOT imagine having to deal with this every day ❤

The autism brain

5.  I want to wish my beautiful, smart, funny cousin Tina a very very VERY happy and healthy birthday!!!

Andddddddddd here is your birthday gift 🙂


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