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Wednesday wants

I want……………

Just when I was feeling so down, I saw this……..Dear Teachers of Little Ones With Special Needs

Seriously, this could not have come at a better time. With the end of the year, IEP meetings, planning, meetings, schedule changes (which is anxiety provoking) often times I feel like “Does what I do even matter!?!?!?!?”  Today was one of those days. Pure frustration. Am I being heard? Am I even making a difference?

YES. I AM. You are too ❤

I want

to go here. BADLY

Spruce Street Harbour

Spruce street harbor park

Philly is a hop, skip and a jump away, yet I so rarely GO!

Philly even made the top 52 places to go in 2015!!

I want

To do this walking tour badly!! Mom? Are you up for it??

I want

I want


 I want

to snuggle and cuddle with my parents gentle giant!! Our walk was fabulous today! (Lucy!)

I want

To learn to slowwwwwwwww down, like this guy 🙂 (they were EVERYWHERE on my walk today!)

I want

To train Lucy HOW to walk properly 🙂

I want

To ask for what I really need and want in my next relationship
I have never really done this.  Wow.  How eye opening.  Next time I am in a relationship I am going to be very honest with  myself and them

Right now I am dealing my my own issues and quite honestly am fearful for getting into a relationship because I just can’t handle or deal with intimacy.  I always feel the pressure and the pressure make me want to run!

I need to start asking for what I want even if I am ashamed or feel society would not accept it
I recently heard a little homework idea….ask for one month of no sexual intimacy. Instead explore what feels good for you and ask for it! A back rub, foot rub, bubble bath, hair brushing.  No matter how silly you think it is.  Ask for what you need and want. Take the pressure of sex away and this may truly lead you to discover intimacy with yourself and open you up to accepting and enjoying it from others.  Also ask your partner what they would like in return.  Fun and wonderful way to explore without any strings attached!


1 thought on “Wednesday wants”

  1. Love to walk and explore PHILLY. Last time we did this was when u were 16 and your cousin from Poland was visiting. I think its time to do again and soon. Also yoga on the waterfront sounds fantastic, we can do it!!!!!

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