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Thankful Thursday (Hamburger Style)/Friday Faves 

Happy National Hamburger Day!!

Did you know?  What is your favorite type of burger? Mine? WELL DONE. That’s it. Well done with swiss, lettuce, JERSEY (only) tomato and mushrooms and onions

I am excited for the grill and BBQ season, and recently heard a great tip from my all time favorite Test Kitchen friends! They truly have the best tested and proven recipes I have come across!!

So, they suggest when making burgers, make indentatations on the SIDES! thats right! Apparently it helps make a flatter burger (Which Is totally up my alley, I hate big thick beefy burgers!)
Intersested? Find out more HERE

Well done, but juicy

America’s Test Kitchen Podcast ❤

Also, Iron Hill brewery is participating in Burger Month. A new burger each day! YUM!


For really working hard to gain a healthy relationship with food.  I am so proud of myself for not only enjoying and eating healthy food but overcoming the guilt and shame that goes along with it
So many people do not consider themselves eating disordered,  yet they have such  an unhealthy relationship with food.  Guilt, overeating , restricting, yo yo diets, fasting, cleanses….you name it people have done it. 
When you finally accept yourself inside and out is when that real healthy food relationship will form:)


For peanut butter and jelly muffins

Nom nom nom.  Must make!


My mini patio garden.  It’s nothing special but it makes me happy 🙂

Love this idea too….



Summer dress season! My favorite thing to wear (besides running shorts and sneakers!)

Loving the gingham, style and cut



Summer shoes! I have a hard time with flats and closed toes but really want to find something comfy

I would love it of these worked for my weird, mind of tHeir own, incredibly picky FEET



 Realization and admittance

I was planning on doing a race this weekend.  I hesitated signing up because although I can still run. I am pretty slow.  I have not been running much lately and lost my mojo by gained some other wonderful activities 

So this weekend I planned in doing a race.  Now ,I plan on changing my mind

I asked myself if I really wanted to do this race? Or was this something I was forcing myself to do because if I didn’t I would be fat, lazy and a failure

The fact that I am not properly ready and prepared for the terrain and run is making me lean towards not running (many other reasons as well) so instead of forcing myself to do it I will decide that morning whether I feel like getting up super early and heading outdoor a run…..I think I’ve made my decision 🙂

.  I don’t think it will feel terrible bit I also don’t think it will feel wonderful.  I think there are other ways I can get exercise and pleasure.  This run does not seem to be resolving the pleasure aspect of nay thought process :). My body is tired , sore, and needs some love 

  1. Hosting a dinner party? Here are two awesome wines to serve your guests.  I will be using them for my parties for sure.  They were tested by my favorite guys over at Americas test kitchen and I completely trust their opinions! Anddddddd if that weren’t we enough they are both under $11!
  2. Knives!!  I love cooking and chopping.  This knife got top ratings andddddd it’s under $$50.   That s unheard of! Swiss army chefs knife      Most knives are pricy in the $200-00 range !   So this is a steal!
  3. Pretty impressive and spot on. Adult children of alcoholics  and their “symptoms”. Makes perfect sense
  4. Just trying to relax.  It is so hard for me.  I know I know cry me a river.  It sounds easy enough but my anxiety gets in my wy.  I abuse and tire out my body so much thT I don’t hve a choice but to sit down. I want to find balance And allow myself times during the day to just slow down. 

Tell me YOUR weekend plas!?


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