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Sunday fun day

 The salt games. My review

When I first heard about the salt games I envisoned pure craziness, chaos and Crowds……  

Just another reason you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s “Cover”

The salt games were none of those
In fact it’s a pretty serious competition with local and visiting gyms alike.

Crossfit was huge here.  I witnessed people really pushing themselves to extremes. Thier bodies were strong and ridiculous I! 

The crossfit challenges were difficult  as is ,now throw in heat and sun. Wow. Impressive. 
Men and women alike tested their strength and endurance. Some of the featured competitions included


Weight lifting 

This guy was awesome 

5k race (it’s hard running on the sand y”all!)






I took free paddle boarding lessons this morning! This was the youngest member at12 years old!!  

And so much more
For the kids they constantly had things going on. I watched the tug of. War and hula hoop contest.  Winners for some great prizes
There was a very tame bikini content (winner took home $500 )

One of the winners

Hot dog eating contest (ok so I admit.  This was sort if the thing I was looking forwards to most…..don’t judge 🙂



The winner, second year in a row, calls himself “the hammer”  he took first place by inhaling eating 18 hot dogs in 5 minutes.  His technique involved the true and tried technique of shoving the dog down first then wetting the bun and using it as a chaser….just watching was making me nauseous.  

He was kind enough to pose for a quick photo with me  

Yoga on the boardwalk

So much more that I could not witness myself.  Every corner something was going on!
I thought this was a great day activity as a Spector or participant.  So much to do for all spirits.  I get bored just sitting in the beach.  This gave me the opportunity to do something and mingle/catch up with some friends.  Win win all around

There were beer tents and bathrooms both of which remained decent throughout the day
Tons of food (I found perogies! But they were square?? )

Tons of fun in the sun!
The evening ended with a mellow concert series

MY introverted self had enough. I needed some peace and quiet. So I headed down (up?) to a “secret spot ” away from the hustle and bustle




  MB is comparable to NJs wildwood. So it’s definitly a once In while thing for me.  However if you have kids or for a fun vacation go for it!  I just prefer a bit more low key (see above pictures of my “secret” and quieter beach)

Therapy pool party

Again. Not what I expected. I was thinking this

But instead saw this







  Great pool. Great friends.  Great people watching.  It was very tame ,however I did get there super early (noon) and left around 3 pm so things may have gotten a bit crayyyy after 🙂 
I guess as a jersey girl I have seen it all. This was pretty tame 

The Donut Man. 

   Or wait is this dunkin Donuts?  The set up , selection and even color scheme was so similar.  I did not indulge in any donuts but did have their coffee and it was delicious.MUCH better than DD which I will only drink as a last resort

I met a few friends for coffee and talk. A few of them indulged 🙂

I would def have donut man coffee again!

The candy store


 Weeeee. My heart flittered a bit and I felt the bitter lies when I walked in! Candy coma!!  Again kid heaven 
So after leaving MB I have two very important questions?
Best pizza?

Best ice cream ?
Next trip is will be  my mission 🙂

The beaches
The center of it all was not too impressive. Sadly it reminded me of AC.  Tons of tourists and tons of ….trash
People please keep our beaches clean and keep our Sea critters safe.  Throw your trash in the trash can.  Not on the beach ;(.  

It was not this bad but still!

However the further you get from the touristy spots the better and cleaner.  Just like everywhere ,MB too has those “spots”   



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