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Weekend Recap

Pups, oPossums, Poop and Paddleboards

Yup. That is how my Saturday morning started off 🙂

I headed over to my moms at 7 am to mow the lawn (Sorry neighbors)

I am actually beginning to enjoy mowing AND think I am getting pretty good and knowledgeable about it (for me anyway)  I have come a long way in a few weeks.
I am STILL trying to figure out the right way to edge , BUT regardless, looking pretty good
So this morning (luckily I already had my breakfast) I started mowing and then………

I chose this stock photo INSTEAD of the actual photo of what I saw…..lets just say, they look NOTHING alike….Ill spare you the sad photos….


Then Lily decided to roll around in oPossom

And finally I stepped in…….

BUT 3 hours later = Beautiful lawn

(Plus a few minor injuries)


 I headed over to LL Bean’s Discovery course and learned HOW TO PADDLEBOARD!

Two paddleboarders learning how to stand-up paddleboard with L.L.Bean stand-up paddleboards and paddling equipment.

Woah. I really did it. I loved it!!

I tried it in Myrtle Beach and it was HARD. My fear got the best of me. The ocean , waves, sharks….put fear in me.  When I am afraid I have a hard time committing and trying things

THis time, I did not let my fear get the best of me.

The two instructors were AMAZING!! They really explained things and helped everyone along the way. I only had flip flops and they provided me with some water shoes (thank god, because the bottom of cedar water is NOT pleasant!)

I got the hang of paddling pretty quickly, so the instructor DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION for me! Ha , such a teacher thing! He gave me a challenge.  To try to maneuver and make sharp, tight turns (hard, but attainable!)

I absolutely loved being on the water. I loved moving, and paddling and looking at the creatures.

I think I could really use this as a relaxing yet challenging activity


I can slow down, relax, stop competing with myself and just take things in.  I was too busy trying to prove to myself that I could do it, not fall, be great, etc, THAT I failed to notice some of the beautiful things around me….hawks, turtles, a beaver (ok he’s not so friendly, I hear….)


I am confident that I am ready to try this on my own, with another class. This will be such a fun girls day (or guys) activity!!


Celebrated “S”‘s birthday by getting our race on!

We headed over to Bridgeport Speedway in Swedesboro for a fun filled, heart pounding night of excitement!

It was a first for both of us. “S” has experience with cars and racing. Me. Nada. Ziltch.

So, I was pleasantly surprised that the cars looked like this:

I was expecting more “Nascar” like cars, so I was surprised by these, as well as the dirt raceway!

it was DIRTY!! My eyes were feeling it after a few hours. The dirt kicked up by the speed demons was impressive (and annoying)

It was a really nice, clean raceway! Tons to do for kids and adults alike (However it is LOUD, so if you or your children do not like loud noises, don’t go!)

As first timers, and now “pro’s” haha, I would suggest to bring the following:

1.  Cushioned seat (ouch my bum hurt after a few hours on those metal benches!)

2.   A cooler:  filled with whatever you like (Water, soda, beer)

3.  Snacks:  Keep in mind it gets DIRTY there, so plan your snacks wisely

4.  Clear glasses! I saw a few people sporting something like this:

I only had sunglasses and it was already dark, So I was unable to wear them. If I had the ones above, I would have been able to SEE the race better 🙂 (I was forced to turn my head to avoid the dirt)

5.  A blanket, sweatshirt, etc  (It can get cool at night!)IMG_6052

our view




The birthday boy singing the national anthem 🙂

Check it out here!


Another great experience !  I love learning and seeing something new each weekend!

Some random things I am loving this weekend: 

  • My cousin is so talented (look at his photography skills!!)  and this little guy is OH SO CUTE
  • Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out   (movie)                                                gallery1 I am really excited to see this!! I am also hoping to pass the recommendation along to the parents of my students. I think this will be a great way to help my kiddo’s see example of EMOTIONS. Something that is a challenge for them all (and myself!!)  Characters include:  Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Joy and Fear.                                                  Read more about it here!

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