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Thankful Thursday

This week has been very tough for me. I have had a hard time being thankful for all the wonderful things I have and have allowed myself to fall into a slump. Its hard to pick yourself up when things get tough, for me anyway, so today I am going to focus on all the things I am thankful for and get back on track.

It is SUMMER after all, thats enough to be thankful for! 🙂

I am thankful for

My mom



BUT would love for her (and other “Clutterbugs”) to read THIS!

I am thankful for

that my mom and her friend are going on a little girls getaway!

Enjoy, have fun, rest and relax! YOU deserve it!!

I am thankful for

Farmers markets and fresh fruits and veggies

So I’d love to share a lovely summer (raw) squash dish I made

nom nom nom. Fresh basil is the ❤ of my life!

Thankful for weekends

I want too enjoy my weekends and do at least ONE new thing each weekend

Last weekend it was paddleboarding, this weekend? Who knows!

Check out my paddleboarding recap here

Thankful for rain 🙂

Not only to it save me from watering, making the grass and flowers beautiful and green. It gives me a sense of peace. It makes me feel “OK” with not having to be outdoors and living up the good weather

I ALWAYS feel guilty being indoors, even when I have indoor things to do, during beautiful sunny days. My anxiety gets the best of me and I am unable to enjoy things because I feel (self) pressure to get outside

WHY? I don’t know. My brain likes to do this to me. My brain likes to give me unnecessary things to worry about. Probably because I am looking for a way to avoid bigger things in my life.

Its easier to worry about not getting outside on perfect days. Maybe it takes my need for self perfectionism away?


Thankful for my students.

I am SO, SO, SO proud of my students……..they have really, really REALLY blown me away this year. Sometimes it is hard to see them in action in the classroom….when I finally get to sit back and look at the big picture, my heart melts

So amazed by my 3rd graders and their performance in this years play.
One proud teacher mama over here 🙂

Thankful for creativity

I love when people explore their passions or just try new things.  I would like to try one of my cousins new Hot Dog Craze concoctions (sort of, in a modified way)

I think his latest experiment will be the Everything Bagel Hot dog

Now THIS is my type of hot dog

Thankful for friends

they are inspiring me to do this Nike Marathon in San fran with Des and Ana

I want to do it more for the experience, in fact, I may not run, I just may go for support. Running to me is no longer a passion. I enjoy OTHER things much more, but I am an ever changing lady, so who knows what my feelings will be in a few months!

Thankful for the hope that there is someone like..

Jamie Fraser to pick me up on his horse on my last day of school…..

What?! A girl can dream!

Hi Diana, are you ready to go on our picnic to celebrate the last day of school? 

Sunday is going to be a wash out. It may be a good opportunity for me to catch a few episodes of the “Outlander” series

Thankful for people being REAL

Yesterday it was really nice to see people stand up for what they believe and be themselves. Demonstrating TRUE honesty even when others may judge is an impressive quality and something I still struggle with BUT am learning to do more often

It is HARD for me to tell people things that they may not necessarily like. It is HARD for me to disagree with others. It is HARD to try to explain and express myself to others when they just don’t understand. It is HARD to be in your own body and shoes

I am trying to be understanding of others. I am trying to respect their beliefs, values, and ways. I am also looking for the same respect back. Sometimes I do not get it, and it gets me down

I need to let go of that and remember I am doing the best for ME. I will never be able to make everyone happy.


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