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My family is headed on a much needed getaway. i am so happy for them all, especially my mom. She deserves and needs this SO much. I wish I were going, but next year hopefully I can join in on the fun! So if you are going to be around NJ, like me, here are some fun things to do/see.  I hope you all have a SAFE and fun trip!!! xoxoxo Please, please PLEASE send lots of pictures!!

Monster Truck show this weekend!!


Check out (or hear) Amy Poehler in Pixars Inside Out (this is on the top of my TO DO list)

"[Sadness is] such a funny opposite energy to Joy, who is literally jumping up and down," Poehler says. "And Sadness just wants to lie down and kind of feel her feelings." Poehler plays Joy (left) and Phyllis Smith plays Sadness in the new film Inside Out.


If sexy and silly is your thing, check out The Overnight

Head to the shore for the following:

Baymens Seafood and Music Festival

Don’t just EAT your seafood, learn about where it comes from, how it is caught, etc. I have never been but this looks like a fun, hands on experience for the entire family!

Love to write? Check out Shore Thing Writing Getaway

I am so bummed that I have other engagements tomorrow, or else I would go to this! Even if I would be the youngest one there 🙂

Friday Feelings

I am totally having some mixed emotions this week. I am having a hard time finding happiness, within myself.  I know, i know, i KNOW. I am responsible for making my own happiness. I just seem to be “stuck” right now in a bit of a funk. Possibly stress with personal issues, the end of the school year and of course beating myself up for always trying to make the PERFECT choices.

I think my problem is pleasure. I deprive myself of it. In fact, I go OUT of my way to deprive myself of it.  The moment I feel like I want to enjoy something or seek something pleasurable, I talk myself out of it, and talk myself down.  “You don’t deserve it, you have not worked hard enough, you should feel ashamed for feeling that way”

Whatever it is that I want or feel, I should never be ashamed of it. I need to tell myself it is OK to enjoy like and seek pleasure in things. It does not make me overindulgent, or spoiled or ungrateful if I WANT something. It does not make me selfish for WANTING to feel good.


My god. I feel like an old lady.  I am NOT sure what is going on with me. When I was running and beating my body up, I think I felt……….better?

Maybe I was forcing myself to pretend I felt good during that time, but regardless, I am hurting now.

Everything hurts. I am sore, achy and……TIRED

I know there are many factors such as drinking less caffeine, doing more mind challenging vs. body challenging work, stress, etc. Its just upsetting that I think I am doing things right, yet still do not feel my best.  I am obviously still doing something wrong. Maybe I AM pushing myself too much.  I need to really think about this thought and admit it to myself if I am…..I am leaning towards that I am….I am constantly trying to be productive and keep myself busy.  I force myself to do things and feel like I am just pushing to get through and on to the next thing. My face is void of smiles and pleasure….Time to be honest and think about it…..

Your Turn

1.  Do you like going to the movies? Are you a movie “snacker” ? What is your favorite movie tradition

2. What brings you the most PLEASURE. Naughty or nice.

3.  2 things you did this week? 2 things for the weekend?


1 thought on “Friday Faves”

  1. 1. Do you like going to the movies? Are you a movie “snacker” ? What is your favorite movie tradition
    –I only go to the movies if it’s something I really really want to see since it’s so expensive! Usually I never bring food to the movies. If I do, it’s hidden in my purse and gone after the trailers ;D

    2. What brings you the most PLEASURE. Naughty or nice.
    –Combination of both.

    3. 2 things you did this week? 2 things for the weekend?
    –Weekend = going to a Phillies game and having dinner with the family for Father’s Day. This week I packed up, said goodbyes, and took a deep breath of relaxation after leaving work yesterday. Woo!


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