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I REALLY needed this today. Ever feel like just giving up? I know I have…..until this

I definitely love this way of thinking. I like the idea of thinking about my feelings as “Suggestions” rather than an order.  I think this is where I struggle most! I order myself to do things instead of enjoy them.

Which brings me to how I have been feeling lately. Anxious, depressed, tired, irritable. Is it purely mental, or could it be something else, like candida. (click on the name to learn more about it)

My recent lack of energy, bouts of anxiety and depression and brain fog have made me want to research WHAT the heck is going on with me?!  Granted, I am uncertain as to if candida is the cause, but just another option to explore.

Holy Crap!

El Caminito del Rey, a notorious walkway in southern Spain, reopened to visitors over the weekend after it was made safer

Latest Obsession?

Ask a Teacher podcast

Love love love it!!! I actually find myself talking back to the voices 🙂 Hahah, i can completely relate. If you are a teacher (even if you are not) you should definitely check it out!

So cute, but not sure how the top would fit ? I kind of think I would HATE it on me 🙂

Anthro Bikini

From Antrhopologie

Feels good

  • getting things done. I absolutely LOVE making myself lists and crossing things off them. It makes me smile, feel accomplished and feel much better
  • good gut health .Something recent stress has affected. I definitely see the connection of good gut health and good moods (Yup, I am talking about poop, THERE I said it!)
  • students. I have spent so much time working with my students this year on social skills, playing games, interacting, etc. It has been frustrating and painful because it is difficult and uncomfortable for them. Yet, it is ALL worth it when I finally get to see it in action. Yesterday I took my kiddo’s out for a few minutes on the playground (we ALL needed a break) and what do you know? They all ran over to the swings and, and, AND………..took turns pushing each other and asking each other for help!! Seriously, this brought TEARS to my eyes. I am so proud of them. They did this on their OWN, no direction from me at all. Something once hated proven to be liked now ❤
  • running. I went out for a run this morning and it felt SO good. The weather was perfect. overcast, cool, just perfect 🙂 Plus now I feel good and have some energy for the day ahead!
  • reflection vs. route.  Wow. Its amazing how much you can learn when you sit back and reflect on your day. The way you do things, they way you can improve/change them.  Rather than just getting into a routine and not thinking much about things (which prevents you from growing and learning) sit back and reflect a bit……its quite impressive!
  • facial. I am so excited for my MUCH needed facial today!! I want to look and feel 10 years younger.



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