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Weekend woes 


Meh.  This weekend was kind of a downer for me (what else is new with my grumpy attitude!).  I had/have my work cut out for me while my parents are on vacation.  This week my mom is away too so it’s been non stop.
It is a lot of work balancing work, life and……a yard!   I am spoiled by condo living and in all honesty think I’ll stick with condos. I enjoy small little gardens , like my patio plants but bigger grounds are tough, especially when you don’t know much about it
I’ve been mowing,edging ,trimming , weeding (well I’m certain I’ve pulled an equal amount of plants that aren’t weeds) but hey. I am learning and getting it done.

  I am also trying to train a strong , beautiful , determined German Shepard.  My arms are getting a killer workout from our daily walks.  She likes to stop directly in front of me causing me to trip quite often,  she must find it hilarious
I’ve also been pooper scooping some much larger “loads” than I’m used to with my sweet little Lily , oh and opposom and pigeons have faced the jaws and claws of Lethal Lucy
Once again I feel guilty for not doing much of anything but I need to remember I am doing things!  I’m working, helping , giving my pups some much needed love and attention. Just because it is not an itinerary stricken weekend with adventures, outings and trips does not mean I should not still be happy.  I’ve gone on some great walks,  went to yoga,  ate some yummy fruit, enjoyed some ice cream.  That’s enough.  I am enough
Mowing the lawn again. My dads lawn is like a chia pet!
Blogs and hoping to get a few pages of  I know This Much Is True (Wally Lamb) in.  It’s been forever.  I think I need some lighter easy, breezy,fun reads.  Not really crazy about dry, dark and  somber reads.  I need something to pep me up!

Tried to watch season 1 (episode 1) of Game  of Thrones last night , but moms TV was giving me problems.  (Since I’m house sitting for the  week) Thinking if watching the 2nd Outlander tonight (didn’t happen. Lol)
Summer school lesson plans and a little summer maintenance program for my other favorite Lily 🙂
Of making fish in the grill the week.  With some yummy summer veggies
Fool proof grilled salmon (Americas test kitchen approved!)
I need to get to my cousins for some veggies I can start canning! Plus I need to see “A”, she is getting so big and laughing and smiling!!
How nice it would be to de clutter my moms house for her.  It’s overwhelming. I have become very minimal in my own house and really like it.  The clutter gives me unneeded stress and anxiety.  I’m sure it causes her some too. But that is her choice.  I will get burnt out offering help and suggestions to someone that is not ready to let things go.
Chicken salad
Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (cherries omg!)
Peanut butter (still)
Soft serve ice cream
DENISE!! Thinking you could make this, BUT with sunbutter 🙂
That my mom is finally enjoying herself and on vacation. So proud of her for taking care if herself

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