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Thankful Thursday

Once again a beautiful, sunny, GORGEOUS Thursday. That alone is enough to be thankful for!

Most of all I am thankful the opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life. I am not quite ready to discuss it yet in blogger world, because it is difficult for me to grasp and accept, BUT I am so thankful for the support and guidance I have received from family and friends!


Some other things to be thankful for

Four legged furries.

Yesterday I was stressed. I was annoyed. I took it out on these guys.


We went for  a(Much needed) walk and I started off ANGRY.  I was angry at the world. I was angry for things not being perfect. Perfect for my world.

Half way through my walk my anger dissolved. The pups were thrilled to be out on such a beautiful night, AND did excellent walking together (This started off as a challenge, now we ALL have it down !)

I really need to take control of my anger. I really have so much anger towards a lot of things (that are ALL out of my control) I really need to let things go and stop taking it out on others just because things are not going quite as perfectly as I would like

Easy packing tips! (Perfect for my laid back style! People are so smart 🙂  )

love these easy packing tips.  5,4,3,2,1 rule!  


A big storm (and tornado) blew through Tuesday night. It caused a lot of damage and a lot of power outages. I am so so SO thankful I was not affected by it.

Read about it here

Feeling real feelings


I am currently in distress with my hunger feelings.  BUT I am thankful that I can at least acknowledge this and try to get through the un-comfort.

My hunger has been weird lately. I am extremely hungry in the mornings. I feel like I will never be satisfied. I often feel full but still not satisfied? I Feel like I am missing something. This could be due to part that I typically eat the same breakfast daily and my body needs change, but its just so EASY to stick with the same thing. My brain is not craving anything specific, so it is hard.  When I think breakfast, I tend to go towards peanut buttery oats, VS eggs.  I just like my sweet breakfast over savory.  So for me to TRY other things, seems pointless, BUT I do know there are other sweet breakfast eats (granola, pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc, etc, etc) So I think its time to explore whether or not my body wants change, or whether its “Something” else causing me to feel un satisfied


As the day continues, my hunger comes in spurts. I am either RAVENOUS or not hungry at all.  I have been having lunch and a snack after work and find myself not really hungry, then 9 pm rolls around, after the hustle and bustle of my day I feel hungry and think “Hey! Dinner time!”

There are just days I am exhausted from trying so hard. I know I have come a long way when I look at the big picture, but some days I just realize how pointless and unnecessary these feelings are. There are bigger problems in the world and in my life and I can not even control them. I just at times feel like giving up

SO I am not thankful for the uncomfortable feelings, but what I am thankful for is that I am able to acknowledge and hopefully figure out my distress!

Book Buddies

My reading has really taken a hard hit these past few months. So I am thankful for my July Book buddy!! We will be both reading and sharing/discussing as we go along a new selection :


Love You More by Lisa Gardner



One question, a split-second decision, and Brian Darby lies dead on the kitchen floor. His wife, state police trooper Tessa Leoni, claims to have shot him in self-defense, and bears the bruises to back up her tale. For veteran detective D. D. Warren it should be an open-and-shut case. But where is their six-year-old daughter?
As the homicide investigation ratchets into a frantic statewide search for a missing child, D. D. Warren must partner with former lover Bobby Dodge to break through the blue wall of police brotherhood, seeking to understand the inner workings of a trooper’s mind while also unearthing family secrets. Would a trained police officer truly shoot her own husband? And would a mother harm her own child?
. . . TO SAVE HER?
For Tessa Leoni, the worst has not yet happened. She is walking a tightrope, with nowhere to turn, no one to trust, as the clock ticks down to a terrifying deadline. She has one goal in sight, and she will use every ounce of her training, every trick at her disposal, to do what must be done. No sacrifice is too great, no action unthinkable. A mother knows who she loves. And all others will be made to pay.

Thankful for NOT being in here 🙂

IMG_6126Anger …..dissolved

So again, I was ANGRY. I had to mow the lawn, it was hot, things were stinky….I was miserable until I saw this


and then these


and it made me realize how amazing my parents garden is. That these amazing things can GROW. It actually made me smile and enjoy mowing and weed wacking 🙂 You never know what you will find! ❤




Finally tired her out…..and finally REALLY falling in love with Lucy ❤





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