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Quote Challenge

I am taking the QUOTE challenge!! For the next 3 days I will be posting a few quotes I find have helped me re-evaluate things in my life ❤

Happy Friday! !

This is so true. This year has been quite the learning experience for me. I am learning to really, truly LISTEN to people. I often times want to “jump” in and SOLVE their problems, or relate them to my own, so they know they are not alone

No, just hold back, just really listen. That is more beneficial than any (unwanted) advice will ever be.  Let people come to their own decisions. Give them advice or your thoughts if THEY ask. Otherwise, just listen. It will be greatly appreciated

Plus it allows you the opportunity to be PRESENT, something I also struggle with . Be in the moment. Realize that your silence will allow SO much opportunity for YOU and the other person to grow.

Choose to REALLY truly listen to someone today !


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