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Saturday Safes


Honeygrow (organic, homegrown salads and stir fry)

I love this place SO MUCH.

The food. The service. The custom DIY orders!

I entered Honeygrow and went right to the ordering machine 🙂 SO simple , step by step instructions. You can choose something from the menu OR customize your own order (This is what I did)

I opted for another salad. I threw in anything and everything that sounded DELICIOUS at the moment. From roasted beets and roasted brussel sprouts to a spicy sriracha sesame dressing and feta cheese

Everything is so fresh and flavorful. The colors are beatiful and service is fast and efficient. You can choose to eat in or take out ….and my most favorite part of all, the saying on the cup! “Honest Eating and growing local”

 I love:

They provide chop sticks to eat (forks are also available) I love eating with chop sticks! ❤

Super fast



quality and freshness

Not loving:

The metal trays they serve you on. I hate them. Detest them. It makes it feel very hospital like. It brings back icky memories from my own surgery.  The tray was a metallic “cold” not pleasant sensation (for myself)  I really would have liked something a bit “warmer” Maybe like a bamboo tray, or something ANYthiNG but the metal!



Thank you Amy for my lovely necklace.  I love it so much! It’s the perfect length and color!

UN safe

Moorestown got hit hard with the storm Tues night.  Lily and I had a few obstacles on our morning walk


No matter how bad things are. Someone has it much worse

I decided to treat my self to a manicure and pedicure today (as well as lunch) and of course I am feeling extremely guilty.  I hate spending money on things I ……enjoy.  I feel like I dont deserve it

For example why would I get lunch when I have so much to eat at home?

Why would I get a mani/pedi. I don’t really need it? I am not going anywhere fancy?

Why can’t it ever just be ENOUGH to be because it is, or because I wanted something? I always need to justify my reasons for things that are being “kind” to myself.

However while sitting and trying to enjoy my pretty nails a woman sat down next to me and ….made me realize how “normal” my problems really are

I was feeling down about my self.  A bit un motivated. Lost and lonely

Then she began to cry …right in the middle of her manicure.   She then called her father and told her she was crying because…..her nails were horrible (she was having acrylic refilled, people still do this?). She spent 20 minutes crying to her father on the phone about the poor condition of her nails and how in NY they use “silk” not acrylic……I kind of could not wait to get the HELL outta there!

I felt bad for her bc she clearly had more going on.  It made me appreciate how “normal” my problems were

So here’s the outcome :



I miss my mom.  It’s going to be difficult when I move.  I got a taste of it this week. However I know it’s a good thing for both of us.  She is starting to live her life too.  She still has some work to do but she has come so far.  I  so proud of her for finally doing what she wants to do!


My bed

I finally got a good nights rest.  There is no place like home 🙂


The rain. I have to make the best of it.  I had tons to do today OUTSIDE however my plans have been put on hold…because of he rain.  I need to embrace it and enjoy it and put my mind to ease that things will get done.  There will be another sunny day soon IMG_6160


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