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Quote Challenge # 2 & Dating :)

These have been the BIGGEST most significant lessons I have learned this past year. It is hard to give up the control of trying to make others see it YOUR way. Sure you think its what is best for them (often times it even may be) But its exhausting. YOu have to let it go and leave it to them to change or not. You can only accept them into your lives by looking at all the positives or move on and leave them behind

Luckily, I have not eliminated anyone from my life, I have however made some major exceptions that at first (and still are) were very uncomfortable.

Dating.  I did it again. Plenty of Fish (Why oh WHY do I keep doing this to myself)

I have NOT responded to ONE person, because the messages I get are…..well …….ahem, odd or inappropriate?

I have a few NO EXCEPTIONS rules in my head on my standards when it comes to dating, ideally I want to meet someone in person, because a connection and attraction are extremely important to me. People can write whatever they want, you do not get a true vibe about them.  From my experience, my perception is completely OFF when we meet in person

So, I decided to make it fun and as I come across potential “datee’s”, (Hey if you can’t cry, then lets laugh!)I’ve categorized them as people I would want to date, my MOM would want me to date, my DAD would want me to date and even Lily gets a shot 🙂

My mom would want me to date:

The doctor, the lawyer, the business professional


My dad would want me to date:

someone that loves to fish and loves chickens


Lily would want me to date……..


No explanation needed, and YES he did contact me….

WHo I want to date (No exceptions)

Jamie, I will wait for you! ❤   (Maybe he is in SC??!)


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