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Adventures in Carolinaland, follow along with ME :)

Today was an adventure. It was actually the first time things seemed REAL. Today was filled of little odds and ends. Repairs, paper work and a little fun in the sun 🙂

Follow along with me as I begin the latest chapter in my life 🙂

My morning started off with a nice, long walk. Seriously the mornings and evenings are just PERFECT here in South Carolina!! It feels amazing. There is a breeze, it is quite, everything is lush and green, some cute golfers teeing off 🙂

Then I showered and went to visit my new school AND drop off ALL the boxes loaded in my trunk 🙂  Phew! You do not realize how much you accumulate over time!

It is beautiful! ❤

I opened up a new bank account here 🙂


Paid my cable bill………..

IMG_0006Opened and received my new LIBRARY CARD

****This was the highlight of my day! LOL wow, I am such a NERD*** I was so giddy and excited over a LIBRARY CARD!!! ❤


check out this little teen area! Cool right!?


went to CVS for lotion, minute clinic and ……..Wine!?  LOL

IMG_0005I had some time before meeting my aunt and uncle for lunch/dinner at Bonefish, So I stopped by the local animal shelter to check out some new prospects for Lily ❤


Then I met Aunt I and Uncle J at Bonefish and NOM NOM NOM, it was fabulous, but the company was even better!!

I really love and enjoyed talking to my aunt and uncle. I feel connected in a whole other way! I guess since I am more present I am able to really enjoy and “hear” people more! ❤



My aunt recommended the coconut shrimp


She was RIGHT. It was pretty incredible and fabulous. The shrimp were HUGE, the batter was perfectly deep fried, the coconut taste was subtle and the accompanying sauce was…….THE BEST PART! I would definitely get these again! We even discussed making a meal out of it. With a nice salad and a side of steamed asparagus! Yum!


Uncle Jim had the sea bass.  He said it was good but not as delicious as his last meal (Salmon). I tried a piece and thought it was delicious, but a little too “wet” for my liking. I really like my fish, meat, anything DRY DRY DRY, so a bite was great, but to make a meal out of it may leave me feeling queasy.


Aunt Irene had the pecan crusted flounder. YUM. This was definitely delicious. It felt a bit heavy tho with the pecan topping, again, I could have a few bites, but not a full meal.  She was not a fan of the zucchini (too much cheese for her liking, Uncle J and I on the other hand ate ours all up (and hers!)


I had one of the BEST pieces of salmon here. It was broiled/grilled with just a splash of grilled lemon! It was done perfectly to my liking. Perfect texture and a great grilled crisp to it. I would order this again in a heartbeat, and I loved how pretty my grilled lemon looked!

I really enjoyed the broccoli and zucchini 🙂 I am a veggie girl for sure!


We ordered 2. The strawberry shortcake and a brownie. We boxed the brownie up and shared the strawberry shortcake!


The fruit was DELICIOUS. I was not crazy about the whipped cream. It was heavy and did not have much flavor at all. I think it would have been much better WITHOUT it. The cake was a bit crumbly, but it worked well with the liquid from the fruit and creme sauce. It was ok, but I am happy I was not having this on my own, I would have probably eaten the fruit and creme sauce and left the other stuff 🙂

Hmmmm, I wonder if J & I had the brownie goodness after all? It looked delicious!


After dinner, time to FIX my dryer. I am so proud of myself for doing this on my own. I found the part I needed at a local appliance store, after explaining to the sweet parts guy (and showing him my Iphone pics) he was able to give me JUST what I needed 🙂


Before 😦



lol and no I did not really use the hammer, its just for props


Finally to end my evening, I decided to take a bike ride to the beach 🙂  Lovely idea for a lovely night.  I also decided to leave my cell phone at home, just so I could detach a bit and not read emails, texts, phone calls, etc.

So….I got to the beach and began my ride, ONLY to realize the wind had much more power over me. It was SO windy y’all! WTF!?  Is this an every day thing? I could not breath, sand was hitting me in the face AND……embarassingly the wind was knocking me over and throwing me off my bike, it was actually LIFTING me. WTF!?

So I managed to get to some side streets and it was better, but still not great!  It was so difficult riding against the crazy wind!

To make matters a bit worse, I ended up getting a flat. After a few failed attempts at local stores (Everyone was super nice and helpful) I found a guy with a pump!! He pumped some air into my tire and I was on my way again UNTIL the tire went flat again. So obviously it has a hole or leak.

I ended up trekking myself and the bike home about 2 miles 🙂 Lovely, but thats what I get for NOT taking my phone with me.

Actually it was a pleasant walk. The weather was gorgeous and it gave me some time to think 🙂


The princess at the end of her night 🙂




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