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Friday Faves

Some days I just don’t know where to begin. Even writing and blogging seem overwhelming. There is just SO much going through my head. No matter how much i talk about it, write about it, think about it, there is still MORE. Its exhausting.

I have been really trying to find pleasure and balance in my life.

My friends and family have been SUPER helpful. I am feeling very ❤

So here are a few of my favorites THIS Friday 🙂

1.  Fireworks Friday

I love just listening to the fireworks go off this evening. Its actually relaxing. Not too close, but not too far

Fireworks remind me of being a kid and those warm summer nights with family and friends

2.  The pure optimism of childhood

Driving home from SC, I had a lot of time to think, 12 hours to be exact, BECAUSE at one of my rest stop breaks, my mind was fogged and I jumped back on 95 SOUTH (not NORTH) and backtracked a good 30 miles……traffic and all. Fun times!

Buttttt, I digress 🙂

While driving I was really annoyed that I lost an hours worth of time. THEN I saw something that sparked a childhood memory . The Knights Inn (yes, I drove by this TWICE that evening!)

When I was about 10 years old my family took its first trip to Disney World (Weeeeeeeeeeeeee). This trip was so exciting for me, and I remember the feelings just like it were yesterday. Hope, excitement, impatience, joy, pleasure, fun, ((((insert any positive feeling here)))

We ended up hitting some terrible traffic and my family and the other family we were traveling with, decided to pull over and call it a “knight”.  We ended up at The Knights Inn. Yes, I am sure you are all familiar with this dingy little motel.  YET at 10 years old this was SO exciting to me. I saw the name and immediately thought we were staying in a “castle”. I envisioned a draw bridge, gator filled water surrounding and protecting our motel castle, a princess, and of course KNIGHTS and horses.

I envisioned……..

Well to my surprise, none of the fore mentioned were there, BUT my excitement did not fade, not one bit. It still was a fantastic night. We played, we explored, we had fun. We made the best of it because we did not know any better. No one infiltrated our minds with the idea that this “Motel” was pretty crappy and NOT a luxury stay. No one told us that we should be upset that we had to stay at this little hole, no one told us anything that could take our excitement and pleasure away. We loved it for what we envisioned and for what we made it.

Reality 🙂

This is how I want to live my life now. I don’t want other people to influence me in my decisions. I want to make choices on my own, for myself and most importantly TRUST myself in the decisions I make.  This comes in many forms. From the teacher that “warns” you about certain students, from people telling you how amazing or terrible restaurants are, from tv and radio dictating how to have the PERFECT body, or the PERFECT foods to eat. SCREW Y’ALL!  I want and WILL make decisions for myself.  I will learn the hard way at times I am sure, but I will finally really accept that I DO know what is best for me and I will TRUST myself with life decisions no matter how big or small they are .

3.  Cooking, Cleaning and Ecoxgear!

wow. I really, really, REALLY love my new radio.  I have used this so many ways already. I love the fact that I no longer have to strain to hear my iPhone while I cook, clean, etc. I used to either a) put my phone volume up as loud as it goes OR b) wear headphones around the house to listen to podcasts, audio books and music


Today I was bummed that I had some meal prep work to do. I was tired, unmotivated and it felt like a CHORE. However, I chose to whip out the radio, set up my iPhone and listen while I chopped!  It actually made my job so much more pleasurable! After all , that is what I am searching for….


4.  Happy

So many things are making me happy about my upcoming move. Most of all, my fresh start. I have been able to switch ALL my documents, teaching certifications, bank accounts, library cards, etc, etc, etc into my maiden name. This is so overwhelmingly exciting for me. I feel like I get a fresh start. I am at SUCH a better point in my life. I know what I want, I know what I need to do, I also know I need to be more present and involved in planning for my future. For the first time, I sat and listened to so many important things explained to me. For once, I actually UNDERSTAND things that I never was able to wrap my brain around (retirement, benefits, how things work, etc)

So, this move is HUGE for me. I feel like I get to begin again. I have learned so much from my past and I feel like it has brought me to a point where I am ready to put my knowledge into action ❤

IMG_0074I am a bit bummed about not being able to wear bib overalls though


They seem so comfy and ………versatile!

5.  Coach Potato

This weekend my goal is to watch one episode of Orange is the New Black and the next episode of Outlander 🙂 Yes, this is difficult for me, but I am going to do it!!


1 thought on “Friday Faves”

  1. I hate it when I accidentally end up going in the opposite directions. :[ Glad that it ended up bringing back good childhood memories though! :]!

    Best of luck to you on your upcoming move, and hooray for getting a fresh new start!! :D! I’m so happy for you! :] (What do they have against bib overalls?? And athletic shoes!?!?)

    I’ve heard great things about Outlander, and am completely behind on Orange is the New Black! :O

    (I love your new header image! :D! If it’s not new-new, I blame my being-behind-the-times on med school!!)


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