Healthy Lifestyle

Weekly Wants TGIF Edition

I want

To do the family overnight at the Philadelphia Zoo. HOW cool is this!?

It cost $55 for the family, and here are the details

I want

to get TRAPPED in Philly

What a cool idea/experience!

Interested? Living Social Deal here

I want

to start my OWN panda daycare 🙂 (YES they really exist!)


I want

to make this for a girls night out 🙂

UPDATE:  I made them! Note quite as pretty but close!

Unicorn Popcorn Rocky Road // The Sugar Hit

I want

to start a Student Coffee Business 🙂

This would be perfect for me. I have wanted my students to have the experience of running a store (great social skills, money skills, etc) and my true love and passion for coffee would fit in perfectly!! Plus I am sure other teachers would not mind !

I have a Keurig machine that I do not use……sooo……

I want

this top from Anthro

I want

to stop saying “Sorry” and apologizing for being “me”

Stop Saying This One Word

Are you guilty of saying Sorry too often? Even when you are really not, or know you should NOT be?

I want

to continue to search for my balance

I already know I NEED exercise in my life to feel good. I just need to find a way to make it non-obsessive. I want to enjoy it, look forward to it and do what I want, WHEN i feel like it

I get too caught up in making things ritualistic and………then they become guilt stricken, dreadful and plain ol’ NO FUN

I want

to start looking at things that happen to me in life as something to be grateful for, instead of feeling I am not worthy of them because I am not “good enough” of a person.

This is how it goes (for me)

I want to get a job offer for a job I want

I get the job offer

I initially feel excited

THEN, I begin to second guess myself.  “Am I really a good enough teacher?” “Did I work hard enough to earn this? ” Did I suffer enough to have this opportunity?

Why can’t I just accept that somethings things just happen, because they do!  No further investigation is needed.

I am hard on myself, in my eyes, I will never be a “good enough” person, so I really want to focus on just accepting things that come to me, instead of searching for something to make myself feel unworthy. Sometimes things just happen, no need to think further 🙂  I need to be grateful for all the things that come my way

I want

to smile and laugh more

I want

To thank “D” for sharing this awesome find!! Its a Kohl’s outlet store. Only one of its kind, right HERE in Cherry Hill! Totally checking it out!

“Off Aisle by Kohl’s”




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