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Saturday Safes


Thank you “R” for hosting another amazing girls craft and chat night 🙂 I had so much fun making the fairy gardens  terrariums! haha 🙂


I really want to see this movie Tangerine

However, as usual, is not playing anywhere local


Friday’s are for fishing.
Forcing myself to rest and relax is NOT easy 😦



Thank you to my amazing friend Dr A for finding me a sweet, perfect fit for my rental!! ❤

its incredible how things really DO work out. Even when you do no think they will

This is the perfect example of being grateful and appreciative for things working out. I need to just accept the good things in my life, and not look for reason or justification as to why it happened


Another fear accomplished

I ate pizza at a friends house. This is pretty big for me. I ate it. I liked it. I enjoyed the moment

Best quote I have heard and something I am going to write and hang up so I can see it EVERY day:
“Am I going to be here with the people, or alone with my bones?”

This is where I make the choice to no longer allow food to get in my way of happiness, fun, people and relationships 🙂  I’d rather be with people than alone with my food/exercise issues.  They have NOT gotten me anywhere in life, besides painful “rewards”.

I am choosing to be PRESENT.


Wet Hot American Summer’s release on Netflix

It stars Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper. I think I may need to check this out!

LOL trailer here


Unicorn poppcorn was a hit!



useless Jersey fact, this I will so desperately miss in SC!

(One way) From Moorestown, NJ to Seaside Heights, NJ there are 11 wawa’s to choose from


This morning, getting my morning cup a woman in front of me was buying 10 bags of wawa coffee……..I asked, because I had to, “Who are you sending those to”  She replied “Ohhhh my daugther, she moved to NC, this lasts her about 4 months”

Yes. This is my future.

Mom, get ready!  >:)


New book store in Haddonfield!



Sunglass pair number three of summer


The other two had the same fate ………….left behind in the rental car


Let’s see how long stick around for hopefully a while I really like them 🙂



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