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Weekend update

Seriously how is it that weekends fly by! I guess it’s a sign of having too much fun😀

I had a mentally and physically awesome weekend filled with food, friends , family and fun. It has been a long while since I felt so content with those areas of my life, and I am the one that made that possible. I am finally seeing the light


Unicorn popcorn    

Special Kona treat! (No artificial flavors!)

Watermelon pops (you are supposed to EAT them!)

L&M cake!


Sunday I celebrated my nieces birthday and it was such a well organized group effort. Most of the work was done by C & M, but everyone helped out and ended up making a heck of an impression. The weather was beyond perfect.  The kids had such a blast!

Sweet as can be.  Baby “A”

Aunt Chris glowing😍 (mom you look so beautiful here!)


Three amigos 😁

Kona! Special cool treat

Decisions Decisions!

Compliments to the chef (my burger was perfect)

 Let them eat cake

    Sweetest kids ever

The watermelon pop sisters  

Well done Carla and Mike!! Food, fun, and feeling good! Great party! One to remember!


I really enjoyed putting together a summer writing kit for the birthday girl     Here is what I included:

Journal and journal jar

Here’s the sample page I made

Cool pens and pencils

Sweet notebook for all those thoughts 

  Gotta keep those pencils somewhere! And some reading for inspiration!

Cute as a cupcake ….I asked Lily to be my pen pal when I move to SC.  We can write each other “sweet” nothing’s. Haha

All that writing makes me hungry

An awesome way to work on independently writing thank you cards”. I thought these were great! 

 I also included some stamps and made samples of each type of writing!   Can’t wait to receive  my first pen pal post!

Stoli doli’s

Terrarium fun

 Haddonfield craft day


Iced coffee

Fishing and coffee



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