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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for

Feeling energetic today. I walked Lily this morning, worked with my kiddos, mowed the lawn, did a little test walk with my mom and the pups and the Gentle Leader (OMGGGGG) and made it to the cherry hill book fair.

I feel good 🙂

Its days like these that make me realize that my tiredness is most likely 1) depression 2) exhaustion.

Instead of worrying that I have some terrible, un-curable disease, I just need to be ok with my body being tired sometimes.

I am thankful for

the gentle leader

My friend “D” recommended this head collar. I asked her for a recommendation to help Lucy the German Sheppard to STOP take ME for walks (She pulls so much). She suggested I check out the Gentle Leader

I ordered it from Amazon, it arrived today and it was time to test it out

Ok, so when I open the package, I laughed and thought “My dog will EAT this”. I was really doubtful, I really did not think it would work. I mean HOW could it? It’s a tiny piece of …….nothing

At first Lucy hated it, she tried everything in her power to get out of it. Rubbed her head on the ground, used her paws, she even tried biting it off. Yet the Gentle Leader survived (wooo hooo HIGH FIVE!)

Lucy HATED it. I LOVED it.  Then the miracle happened,  Lucy became (quickly) adjusted to it and …………let me walk HER. She did not pull ONCE, not a single , tiny, little bit. She walked right next to me for the most part, turns were simple, my arms felt great , no pulling….NONE, zip, zero, NADA.

Then the test. A rabbit, well several rabbits. Lucy noticed them, she was interested, yet some how she remained to keep walking………….

dumbfounded. I don’t get it, but am NOT going to try to figure it out. It is just one of those things I am going to accept and be grateful for
Get it. Get it NOW (I ordered mine from Amazon, it was much cheaper than PetSmart)

I am thankful for

being able to decorate how I want ❤

If I decide to keep the two twin beds in my new home in SC, I want this bedding!

The Emily + Meritt Metallic Dottie Sheet Set

I am thankful for

my mothers kind, gentle, non-judgmental ways.

She just listens. She really listens. I feel so comfortable and safe with her. I feel like she “gets me”.  I am so so so thankful for this wonderful woman in my life.

I am thankful hopeful for

Have you found “the one”? (I am hopeful that he is out there 🙂  )

I am thankful for

my unique style.

I love this article. I grew up thinking that every room needed certain things, well times are a changing!

I am thankful for

my bed each night after a long day ❤

As pretty as this is, I can not imagine crawling into this AFTER mowing my parents lawn (like I did this evening)

bedroom home decor inspiration white and grey bedroom

I am  NOT thankful for

FAO schwarz toy store closing its NYC location today 😦

I am thankful for

some pretty inspirational and incredibly awesome (body/mind positive) podcasts!

I love that they all focus on optimal health and AVOID telling me what to eat, how to exercise, etc. In fact, those dreadful things are not mentioned, nor pushed. These are all very positive and so much for what makes YOU happy and unique and fulfilled. It stresses how there is no right or wrong because every BODY is different ❤

My favorites:

Food Psych

Fearless Rebelle Radio

Mind Body Musings

Psychology of Eating

Finding Our Hunger

1 thought on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I’m definitely super thankful for my bed every day and night, hahaha.

    That collar looks like it’d be all sorts of wonderful for me when I take some of the dogs at the rescue I volunteer at for walks! Some of them are super super high-energy and ginormous, so they end up taking me for sprints. 😡


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