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Thankful Thursday

Today I am #grateful for laughing about our bookclub adventure :).

It’s that time again. Thankful Thursday! 🙂

Speaking of it’s/its (This is for all you grammar fiends!) …..

I read this amazing article today on happiness. I have been working on finding/gaining/owning happiness for quite some time now. This article was like “SMACK” in my face


However it makes total sense. My way of thinking has always been black or white, all or nothing (with food, school work, etc) I have mostly gravitated to the ALL part of things leaving me with NO balance and feeling completely depleted and ……exhausted (something I complain about on a regular basis)

well, it finally has clicked!

Life is not about being happy or unhappy. There are SO many other feelings and emotions in between!  Accepting that is the most difficult part. Accepting how you feel at the moment and realizing that you will experience happiness once again. This isn’t to say I am going to stop seeking happiness, I know I still have a lot of work to do on my own to make things pleasurable for myself, but I am really going to focus on how I feel in the moment.  I will not be happy ALL time time, nor will I be unhappy ALL the time.

Check out the article that truly changed my way of thinking HERE



2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I’m telling you I thought “SNL gold!” when she started going off on all of those easily confused words: affect / effect, literally, etc.


  2. lol that grammar quote is totally inspired by our bookbuzzer! ❤ and holy crap did I feel so UNprepared. I could barely remember the main characters names of any of the books i discussed


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