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Wednesday wants

Today I am #grateful for finding buried treasure like, friendship,  in unexpected places.


Wednesday Wants


I want

some inspiration and motivation back. I feel SO burnt out with life.  I really need to find a way to recharge and refresh in a meaningful way?

I feel I have had such a crazy past few months that I have not really allowed myself the rest my body needs. I am exhausted physically and mentally and that is getting me no where far.

I need to figure this out before it spins deeper out of control

I want

to do this Philly Walking Tour this Friday ❤

I want

to see a Burlesque show

strip tease orchestra at The World Cafe this Friday night

I want

to try pole dancing

I want

the lawn to magically mow itself 🙂

I want

to have more energy (again)

I want

to stop following so many blogs

They are only making me feel insufficient and lazy. I think a lot of my self worth comes from seeing what everyone else is doing and I feel like I should be doing MORE

I want

to share how I felt while mowing my parents lawn and my neighbors lawn service showing up during……



I want

my dad to continue with his artistic talent. He is so talented and made me this special surprise, which I adore ❤


I want need

a pedicure


I want

to figure out a way to read longer, withOUT falling asleep

I want

to see Paper Towns.

Paper Towns

I just finished the book last week (See my review here) and although did not really care for it much, still am drawn to see the movie. Maybe it will be better? Maybe?!

I want

some ice cream now

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Cooking Classy

My favorite? Either plain ol’ vanilla (soft serve) or Mint Chocolate Chip

This is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You

I want

To check out this NEW Polish Deli in Myrtle Beach ❤



3 thoughts on “Wednesday wants”

  1. That’s so cool you guys got a Polish deli. I’ve never had Polish food but that’s a neat addition for MB (I’ve heard you guys have some great Indian restaurants too). That ice cream looks delish!


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