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Today I am #grateful for this refreshing weather because it makes me feel alive and invigorated.


I am completely enjoying my Friday’s off this summer! I had a great walk with my friend “D” this morning, she is always and inspiration ❤  Plus the pups got to get out and explore a bit. Two for two!


For my next relationship 🙂  I will admit to being guilty to all of these at one point in my previous relationships, however I have learned so much the past few years

15 Things You Should Never Do in A Relationship


Irritated.  On the train watching a man pace back and forth, back and forth back and….you get it.  My shameful thought:  he’s most likely an addict and this feeling alone irritates me beyond controls.  I try not to judge but just being honest


I was being honest with my mother tonight and feel as if I have really disappointed her with a feeling I have. I don’t like that I have this feeling, but I also do not want to pretend like I don’t


New starfish earrings, courtesy of “mom”


I have lived in and near Philadelphia my entire life, yet I can barely tell you a thing about the history, buildings and culture. So today, 2 weeks before I leave for SC, I decided to take a little walking tour.

I started on this tour, but quickly lost interested and made my own tour by choosing places that interested me

Here’s a few places I did end up:

Polish American Cultural Museum (FREE)



The famous bread, salt and wine Polish wedding tradition (which I had at my own weddingIMG_0329-0

I remember growing up with these scattered through out the house. My babcia would bring these dolls home with her from her trips to Poland regularly. I was also so drawn to them as a kiddo!



My dad had a replica ship just like this !





I have NEVER been to Jewelers Row!

I hate Steven Singer!IMG_0327-0

Saw these beautiful sunflowers and had to pose for a friend 🙂

IMG_0333-0A pleasant surprise:

I read Paper Towns by John Green a few weeks back. (review) As I mentioned, I was not too happy with the book. I think it was more of an uncomfortable feeling for me more than a “dislike”. I realize that more now after seeing the movie with my mama last night ❤

We went to the new Moorestown Regal theaters and I have to say I was a bit disappointed withe the seats! They are NO WHERE as comfortable as the Marlton 8 seats! Pssssshhhhh. We are kinda spoiled these days, lounging around watching movies, complaining about reclining seats NOT being good enough 🙂 EH, anyway, back to the movie

I really enjoyed it , so did my mom!  I had read the book so it was neat to point out and see the differences!  There is also a slight little surprise for all the JOhn Green fans out there about half way through the movie (I had no idea, however the audience reaction caused me to investigate)

The movie made me look at the book in a different light. Instead of feeling annoyed with “Q” and his desperate, almost pathetic, search for his missing love.  The movie showed so much more such as learning about life, forming friendships , and to be “present”. Something that is a huge part of my continuous search these days 🙂

So, congrats. The movie has swayed my decision on the book as well as the message being sent.

My mom and I both thought this little girl did a WONDERFUL job playing the younger Margo



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