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Bitter sweet

my adventure begins…………….

The past week has been an emotional one. Excitement. Nervous. Terrified. Scared. Anxious.  Happy.  Sad.

Many bouts of crying spells ( I felt like a2 year old in a 35 year old body)

Overwhelming feelings from all my friends and family that showed me how much they love , support and most of all want to see me happy a d to succeed

All this made me a mess…. But a beautiful mess 🙂

My cousin orchestrated my furniture to be packed. Plus he did so many maintenance tasks around my “old” condo. Things that I would have never thought of. My family threw me an amazing party. The last day of work was so difficult.

Only now are things settling in.

I am a South Carolina resident. A resident ! Not a vacationer. I am home


I have not felt “home” for a very long time. NJ was home, but my condo, did NOT feel like home, for many reasons. This time it is different. This is all my own…..well and my families doing  ❤

Me looking oh so excited (HAHAHAH) to drive a huge ass moving truck.

FYI. I rented from Budget. I would not recommend them.  I had reservations months in advance. ONly to pick up my 10 ft truck and find out none are available. Ok, so 12 ft truck! NOPE. not available either.  I was placed in a 16 ft truck. It was more intimadating than anything, but it made my trip very stressful. I was afraid my engine would blow (heard horror stories), lose the caddy (lol?) slip in the rain, run over something (or someone! JK)

Luckily  I had my mama follow right behind.  We were such a great team.  She navigated me the entire way. Whenever I needed to switch lanes, she ensured I was safe and set to go 🙂

I always knew she was a strong and an amazing woman but the past few days she surprised me beyond belief. MY MOM IS SUPERWOMAN.  She can not be real. I do not know HOW she does all she does, with energy, support, enthusiasm and genuine WANT. She has earned the most strong and beautiful hearted award in my life permanently. She never stopped once.  Driving.  Cleaning.  Unpacking. Carrying furniture, and MOST importantly …………. loving


Through her, I know I can have, do, be anything and everything I ever want

Here is a recap of my moving adventure  , Ill spare you the actual moving truck pictures and details, for they were NOT fun 🙂

After a hard few days of work, our bodies were craving some BURGERS!! This place is right on Rt 17, Burger Fi. It was fabulous!  Look at the bun! The branded it!! ❤

Getting things INSIDE was the easy part. Next it was unpacking and organizing……………Kitchen BEFORE (This made me want to curl in a ball and cry)

THEN, Super MAMA came to save the day. She busted her cute little behind for endless hours……..scrubbing, cleaning, organizing, sorting, making everything meticulous with LOVE and CARE.


We had to return the evil monster moving truck in Myrtle Beach on Saturday Morning. To celebrate, we stopped by the Polish Deli!

It has been here about 3 years and a very nice set up! They had a little area to eat inside and out. Fresh meals made, including hunters stew , perogies, kielbasa, plus other items……..

The order counter for your Polish yummies!

The polish deli counter 

We ordered some smoked kielbasa which we had for lunch and it was VERY VERY good! Smokey, drier, JUST like I like it ! Its sort of like beef jerky, which i love love love!

My mom also ordered a paczki I think she enjoyed it because it was there one moment…….then it was gone 🙂 nom nom.

We got home, ate a bit, THEN back to work!

We had intentions of visiting my school, the library, some local stores, shopping a bit , maybe a walk on the beach.  LOL Nope , it was after 6 when we did the final vacuum/sweep. We showered and headed out to Bonefish grill for some seafood!  It was close and I know that I enjoy their food as well as my mom! I had salmon, mom had grouper topped with lobster!


Here are a few more pictures of some little things around the house. Changes will be coming, but for now it is beginning to feel at home!

It sure is (Thank you TINA!)

My beachy, light, breezy, and comfy bedroom ❤

Old things (Book shelf) and New (my pup inspired beach sayings, thank you DENISE!)

I do NOT want to drop my mom off today at the airport. This is going to be my biggest challenge. I want her to stay here with me. I am going to miss her more than words can express. She is my best friend. YET I know this distance will be good for both of us. She can FINALLY do things for herself, without having to worry about ME.  She deserves to find her own happiness and do what she wants JUST for herself ❤  I am so proud of how far she has come. I can NOT wait until August 25th until I see her again! ❤



1 thought on “Bitter sweet”

  1. Congrats on your move! 🙂 I knew you were going to move but didn’t realize it was to SC! Everything looks so nice already .. love your new bedroom!! While I am so excited that my husband and I are going to move to a new house one day soon, I am so not looking forward to having to pack everything up and set things up in a new house. I am so OCD and always want everything set up right away and I know that just won’t happen. I am impressed by how fast you got everything set up! 🙂


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