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Ten For Tuesday!

Today I am #grateful for my new job because it gives me the freedom to do challenge myself, grow and learn new things.

1.  Coffee

My family really set me up with my favorite coffee from NJ (Which I can not get here)

Wawa & Trader Joe’s (See my stash!?)

So I have been a bit grind happy and brewing away like there is no tomorrow.  A cup here, a cup there, I am now getting scared that my stash will quickly disappear!  I better find a back up here !

Did you know that you can request a trader joe’s in YOUR area?

Fill out the form here

I did it already……twice 🙂

My friend just text me her inspirational coffee bar which looks amazing!  I definitely need to spruce mine up a bit as well because, like her, I feel like something is “missing”. It will be one of my weekend/evening projects!

ps-  I NEVER use my keurig! Its pretty much only for company!

2.  yoga

well, here I go. Giving a new yoga class (Hatha) a try this morning before I get to work…..I have my fingers crossed it is nearly as good as my loves in NJ!  Debbie will NEVER be replaced, but I am hoping she has a twin here in SC!?  What, a girl can dream!

*Update*  It was OK. Definitely NOT Debbie ❤  She will have my yoga heart for eternity.

Hatha style was a bit familiar and a bit different. A lot of “down” time, which is much needed, but I wanted a little more of a challenge. It WAS good for me for today because the past few days have been a hot mess, so it felt really good to stretch out, and really force myself to be “present” and in the moment.

3.  My classroom

Its huge! (I will post pictures later)

this is pretty much what I did in my new classroom 🙂 I was a bit overwhelmed because I do NOT know where to begin…

I am finding out bits and pieces of my new position. It is scary going into something I have no clue about. Yet I feel confident that I will get the support I need because I work with a wonderful team of people! They are all so willing and helpful!

I am having a difficult time coming up with a game plan for my new classroom. I will be OUT of my room a lot (co-teaching) therefore unsure of what to really equip my room with. I just need to be patient and let things fall in place. It is JUST so hard when I see others working so hard on their rooms and I haven’t the slightest idea of where to begin.

It just feels like a lot of wasted, down time, which could be put to productive use, IF I had more information. Yet, this is something new for many, not just me, so I am trying to just go with the flow 🙂

This entire experience has taught me how GOOD I had it in NJ. I loved my job. I was confident in what I did, I felt comfortable. Yet I was becoming stagnant. I wanted/needed a challenge. I think this is the only way. Otherwise I fear I would settle and become a creature of habit and have a hard time trying new things or changing my ways. I have always wanted to learn about different types of classrooms and learning environments. As uncomfortable as change is for me, it is the only way I can continue to challenge and better myself ❤

TODAY I plan on wiping down and cleaning the tables and hunting down our custodian to make some changes and adjustments to some tables as well as remove the tables/chairs I do NOT need!

4.  South Carolina Drivers License!

The lines at the DMV in Myrtle Beach were RIDICULOUS! However it DID move, suprisingly. I did let a few hours waste away as I sat and waited (luckily they accepted all my documents! PHEW!) and its official. I have my South Carolina Drivers license! Next it will be registration time !  I still need to take care of some odds and ends before making the  switch!

I also took care of my rfi gate access! Yay!!

I really feel like a resident here!! No more guest passes, check ins , etc. I can now come and go in my secure community and have access to the beach cabana (with parking!)

Woop woop!

5.  Public Library

I love love LOVE the library here! It is super easy to use, maneuever and is quick access for me when I am out on the road and do not feel like driving back to my house.
They also have a great app called Hoopla, where I can access and download e books and audio books for FREE y’all!! I found a similar one in NJ (Overdrive) and am happy to have something similar here!

Since my home office is currently NON existent, and I do not have my technology set up yet at school (AKA my laptop) I wanted to make sure I did “work” outside of my house. I really am trying to separate it a bit, even though it is VERY difficult now because I seem to be focusing so much on work and making things fall into place. Regardless. I was able to sign up and register for all my courses over the next few days (we have 3 days of mandatory training, which we receive credits for towards our Professional Development hours)

6.  Puppy time

I will be honest. Lily has been a trooper during this move. She really is handling it all so well and LOVING it here. Last night, for the first time (ashamed to admit) I took her for a nice, long, walk.  She really loved it!  I think I exhausted her a bit 🙂

7. Friends

I am meeting up with a few friends tonight at Gorden Biersch 🙂

I need to force myself to get out a bit, bc I do not want to fall into the same routine of work, work, work, clean, clean, clean, etc

Its located at Market COmmons, which is one of my most favorite places here!

8. Desk

I finally bit the bullet and bought my desk. I drive myself NUTS going back and forth when making little decisions. It lingers and stays on my mind until I DO IT. SO I did it

I went basic. I want to keep my office (and life!) simple!

So excited for it to arrive!! NOTHING is in stock around here! With back to school and all!  I am forced to wait 🙂

9. Not so lonely

I have been keeping myself BUSY , avoiding the truth that my closest friends and family are over 500 miles away. YET this month, I am really looking forward to seeing my family!

I think Ill be seeing them a lot more than when I lived in NJ!

On Sunday my cousin and the “boys” arrive. We have already planned a Sunday Funday pool day! I can not wait!

On August 22nd my other cousins and their “girls” arrive for a week! I know I will be working a lot but I look forward to spending my evenings and weekends with them. Living it up in the pool, at the beach, fishing, or making our OWN bubbles in the hot tub (I kid, i kid!)


On August 25 my MAMA arrives!! OMG OMG OMG, I can not wait ❤ ❤


My aunt and uncle also plan on coming in September, so it looks like I am going to be JUST FINE!

I am so happy to have such amazing friends and family!

10.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will do the same for you!

I want good things to happen. I want good things to continue to happen for myself and everyone else.  I know life has ups and downs, but I think if we all remain positive, things will work out for the best



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