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Classroom set up

So here it is! My new classroom! It’s HUGE.

I love it!  Plenty of space….just need to figure out what it will be used for

Today I just cleaned.  The tables were yuck and I wanted to make sure they were nice and fresh for my kiddos :). The classroom last year was a kindergarten room , so that explained the crayons, glue and other “stuff” set in to all tables and desks! My arms got a great scrubbing workout!

I decided to use a regular table for a desk.  I had our custodian raise it for me today :).   It will be perfect and less space for me to fill with “crap” ! Just like I left my big, bulky home office desk back in NJ. I have decided to leave behind the traditional desk in my classroom as well! 🙂

I plan on using the u shaped table there as my small group MATH table. The cabinets behind will store all my math stuff! Manipulatives, text books, teachers guides, games, etc.  Easy and convenient!

I also set up my computer area. The computers were all stacked together, covered in plastic bags. I had to go peak in the computer lab to see how they were supposed to be set up. You would laugh at how I initially had them……… I am searching for some posters to use and fun things to hang on my bare walls,  as well as deciding how I will label the areas of my classroom (signs , stickers, die cut letters?)

I plan on using this spot as my “sensory” area IF needed or for some arts crafts 🙂 I placed all my art supplies in the cabinets to the rightT (not pictured)

The cubbies pictured are currently filled with Kindergarten materials  which will be removed and moved to the K classes :). I’ll most likely store my reading books there!

Last but not least this U shaped table (Just like my Math small group area) will be my reading and writing space. The bookshelf will store my everyday materials and necessities

Sooooo if you have any visions for me please go ahead and suggest away! 🙂


I am really loving this file system set up!

I am totally doing this for my kiddos, plus it will keep me organized and on track!

Its basic and simple :

  • parent contact
  • Current IEP
  • Progress monitoring

I love that it is all right THERE. I can grab what I need , when I need it! Tada!

I am so grateful for wonderful teachers that share their bright ideas! Thank you Mrs. H’s Resource Room!!!



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