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Thankful Thursday




 “Today I am #grateful for my trip to Teachers Touch because it gave me time to get lost and find myself.”

Similar to Lakeshore back in NJ, this little teacher (and parent!) gem was greatly appreciated for many reason!

Teachers Touch & Parents Too not only eased my anxieties of being able to find what I need BUT more importantly it made me reach out to fellow coworkers and actually ASK them if there were any teacher stores…

After a long, overwhelming day, I was feeling a little down. I really wanted to go for a walk and get my “exercise” in , BUT I also wanted to go to this store, because I knew it would bother me if I didn’t check it out.

So my struggle began. Do I get some exercise, or do something else?

Well I decided to drive a ways to get to Teachers Touch and called my mom along the way to vent and let her know how disappointed I was in myself for just not being able to “do it all“.  I made the right decision for me in the moment, because that is what I wanted to do!

And guess what? After the stress of the day, on my way home, I decided to STILL get my walking time in. Yet it was a different decision. It was NOT forced. I actually wanted to do it, stress free!   I picked up Lily and off we went…………I felt no pressure, I gave myself no time line or goal (“I must walk so and so miles, sweat this much, etc) I just took her and went!

with each step the stress of the day melted away and I was ONCE again reminded of WHY I am doing this and WHY I am here ❤

I can NOT tell you how many times per day I get asked the question:
WHY did you want to move HERE?!

I am trying NOT to get upset and doubt myself when this question arises, because in a way, I feel like people think I am SILLY (aka stupid) for moving from the North to the good ol’ slow South.

Well, I do not need to defend myself or my decision. I decided to move for MANY reasons, not just one

  • I need a change
  • I need to be on my own so that I can truly LEARN and GROW
  • I need a fresh start
  • I need to slow down
  • I need to focus on me
  • I need to explore my likes/dislikes
  • I need to be afraid
  • I need to challenge myself
  • I need to feel uncomfortable
  • I need to have my toes in the sand

Here are just a FEW more reasons WHY 🙂

My walk last night…..(after work)



Always something to see on the beach



She LOVES it here



Ending my night like this


meeting new people



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