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Saturday Safes

Today I am #grateful for MY NEW LIFE here in SC. Finally opening doors! ā¤ Thanks to all my family and friends

What a cute kitchen! I would worry I would tire of this quickly though!

Kitchen with tall purple cabinets

What do you think? 

My desk has arrived and I set it up last night!! (Will post pics later!?)

I am blogging from my new work space area and LOVING it!!  I just ordered my chair from Amazon!

Thanks to all the LOVELY ladies I used to work with for this purchase! They sent me off with a very generous amazon gift card! ā¤ and miss them already!

Along with my new work space, I am coming up with some new rules. I want to spend less time online and more time DOING things. I had the tendency to spend a good amount of time sipping coffee in the morning before work and I will not have that luxury anymore. (UNless I wake up at 4 am)

I would much rather spend my time tidying up, going for a walk, spending time with Lily. The internet, email, technology can wait!

New life, new habits

My friend messaged me last night with the PERFECT article and thing for me….

4 Practical Ways for Women to recover from Everyday Life Exhaustion

I know I really needed this reminder. I am pretty sure a lot of YOU do too! ā¤

This week was TOUGH. New faces, new places, new rules, new curriculum. I often times found myself in meetings just sitting back and absorbing it. letting it all sink in, because honestly, I sort of feel like an alien

I feel as if when others see me, THE above picture is what they see. I know that it is my own insecurity that makes me feel this way, because I do not have an accent, I do not know the curriculum, I do not know the “church” rules, I do not know the area very well, peoples names and faces, etc.

BUT in truth. I am just like everyone else. no one truly thinks I am weird, incompetent or an outcast, that is my own doing.


Back to feeling alien like. In a few meetings this week I really just sat back and observed. People would interrupt my “observations” with questions and I really felt so……unauthentic. I am sort of still in a daze and feel very insecure with my answers and beliefs. I am working on this and I know it will change and get better in time. I just do not want to loose focus of myself and all the hard work I have done, for fear of rejection.

 My beach reading this morning. 


Also making a little check list for myself šŸ™‚

I  kinda loving living 5 min from the beach! I can get some work done with a beautiful back drop!


I  kinda freaking out bc I realize how much refreshing I need myself off new curriculum. I know i will be fine but it just shows me how different teaching life skills and md has been for me.  I loved it. Yet I know I will love this too. 
Now ….where is the hundreds bs hundredths place?   What is the prime factorization of 24?

Ugh smoking on the beach.  Sorry smokers but you are killing me šŸ˜¦ it chokes me up and burns inu nostrils.  Not pleasant šŸ˜¦

Help! I need to cover my tattoo for work! Unless I want to wear pants everyday.  Not in this heat!   I’ve seen some teachers wear bands, tape or bandages.  I want to find the least offensive cover while maintaining some class….is that possible?

Ugh WHY did I get this ugly thing?


Love these simple and practical ideas for overnight guestovernight guests..  They are perfect and not overwhelming at all!


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