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Weekend Update/Week Ahead

Today I am #grateful for mr quirky,dorky laugh.   There’s 

no one else quite like me

Just a note to myself as a new week begins …


  This weekend was pretty awesome. Friday night was pretty low key. I put my desk together  !

Do you prefer with the map or without? I’m still deciding


 I did the laundry and cleaned up a bit so that I could have a nice weekend.  It felt great to wake up to a nice fresh house and be able to do the other things I needed 
I took some time for me (and Lily) with a few walks, runs and beach walks  

 I dropped ofF some items to my classroom and quickly threw a few things together to create my “door” in preparation for open house 

In the past I would have put hours in to create the perfect door decor. This is something I let go ,which was hard , especially since all the other classroom are so beautifully and perfectly set up
The thing is? I don’t really know what I’ll be teaching or where.  I knew if I started setting things up it would pretty much end up getting changed once school began and I learned my schedule. So I chose to let it go. Ms perfect does not have the perfect door.  Get over it



Ok so I am really loving the pac man door and may be doing this……lol

Instead I am saving my energy so that I can focus on learning about my students and the teachers I’ll be working closely with.  

I am making smarter choices 🙂

And here is what my door pretty much looks like!  You ready for it???????

Saturday I also met a new friend for dinner at a lovely outdoor restaurant on the intercostal. The weather was perfect! My salmon was delicious and the company was excellent!

Sunday I went to church(yay me! Felt so good!)

Shopped at Krogers

Meal prepped for the week

Met my friend at the beach for a swim, walk and talk:)

And ended with some quality time with my cousin and the “boys”

We hit the pool ( they are like little fish! Such excellent swimmers) , fed the turtles  

And battled with the crazy SC spiders! Gahhhhhhhhhh


This was  probably one of the best  weekends for me stress wise. I was able to laugh, enjoy and live. Instead of being so work driven and focused.  I was able to let go a bit.  I felt the “old me” shining through at times.  I’m thankful for myself and the people that helped me smile 🙂
And I thought this photo was the perfect ending.  Sometimes we have ideas of how things should be. For me it was my classroom set up, for others it may be something simpler or more complex. This is the perfect reminder not to judge others be they are not what our “ideal” image is of the situation

I hope y’all had an awesome week ended!


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