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Saturday safes


Happy Saturday!

3 Day Weekend, Sunny(ish) skies, hope:  Just  a few words that describe my current mood

I am FINALLY beginning to feel like myself, and that is VERY new to me. For years I have struggled trying to find “myself”. Now I am finally seeing me seep through

The past few weeks have been filled with MANY UPs and DOWNs. This plays along nicely (yet unhealthy) with my “black or white” , all or nothing type of thinking and personality.  I have a very difficult time with the in between. Once I figure out how to grasp that, I will be so much better off and SO Much more energized and less exhausted

My mind exhausts me. My emotions sometimes leave me feeling more depleted than running a marathon.

This also leads me to the question, “Do I exhaust others?”


Because I know that some people and personalities really deplete me and I want to just RUN far away because , I personally, can not handle their high emotions along with mine. Found this GREAT ARTICLE to help determine if YOU exhaust others. Not that there is anything wrong with it, you are who you are and may like it!  Take the test! Share your score (If you want!)


I see how my mind and moods work. I tend to over react, create drama and gravitate towards negativity. I love to VENT and get it all out and only THEN do I realize how silly I am being. When I say things out loud (or journal) I feel so MUCH BETTER. This is something I am working on, however also realizing this just may be how I cope with things, and there is nothing wrong with that

I have spent most of my life thinking I was WRONG. Now I am realizing, I am not wrong, I am doing what is right for ME. It may not work for everyone, but it is working for me.

So, here is a little bit of ME from the week 🙂


Mini golf with the girls. Ok, so I actually really ENJOYED this!! It was fun, active and a challenge, plus I got to meet and talk to so many great girls!


After the mini golf, a stop at the Fudgery 🙂


So, I finally pulled the trigger and tried out a Pole Dancing class!! Here is the studio, and waiting to head in 🙂


haha! I absolutely LOVED it. I laughed, was challenged and most importantly , finally felt FREE! I was able to let loose and just let my body spin around that pole! It honestly was the BEST feeling I have had in such a long time. No expectations, or fears. I just did it and went with what felt GOOD



Happy 🙂


Silly 🙂

And finally! My chair hardware ARRIVED!

I ordered a lovely office chair to complete my home office space, yet it arrived missing the hardware! Grrrrrrrr. I called and they apologized and shipped out the parts to me this week!

Here it is, plus it is SUPER comfy, and YES mother I did put felt on the bottoms not to scratch my floors 🙂



2 thoughts on “Saturday safes”

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying yourself doing what you want. Pole dancing looked so much fun. I want to try it sometimes, Enjoy life while you are young and free.


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