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UnManic Monday

Happy UnManic Monday y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was absolutely R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G!  I do not think I have gotten as much rest and down time in years as I have this weekend.

Initially it felt “wrong”. I kept telling myself I HAD to be doing something productive ALL the time. In fact, my weekend was still pretty busy, but something was different……..I did not exhaust myself. I took my time. I did a lot but did it slowly and a little bit at a time.

I also was present. Something that I realize I am not all the time. Being present actually free’s up my mind and makes things less stressful and more enjoyable.

Being present sure does beat the constant “GO! GO! GO!” attitude my brain has.

I did so much yet so little this weekend, if that makes sense?

Friday night I had my first pole dancing class.I mentioned it made me feel FREE. This was the first way I was more aware and present


haha, yup I felt like a fool BUT more importantly I did NOT care. That is what made this so freeing and enjoyable! No one was judging, not even ME! 

Saturday I met a friend at the beach for a little chat (mostly about real estate!) then headed to the Boogie Beach BBQ fest in Myrtle Beach, which quite honestly was a disappointment. I missed the $10 taste test and there really was not much else there. The food trucks were all closed down (I missed the rush 😦 ) and little to no vendors were there with crafts, etc, (I expected this).  There was a live band playing that was pretty “rad” (80s babyyy!) called Carolina Midnight ,but I left my chair in the car, since it was sprinkling and in SC, you NEVER know when a downpour is a comin’!  So I walked around and decided to head back home.

I stopped at a few stores to check prices and pick up some staples. When I got back home I decided to head out for a nice long walk on the beach, since the clouds and rain lifted and the sun was shining bright!

The walk was beautiful. The beach was super crowded and I love having the cabana right there to stop and use the bathroom or hide from a passing rain storm!  I saw some beautiful shells and of course a few starfish along the way πŸ™‚ 

       I am constantly on the lookout for the “perfect” shell for certain people in my life that I plan on sending back to NJ, when I find it πŸ™‚

Saturday night I also headed out to see a comedy show. This made me realize several things:

  1. I am just NOT a night person. I get up super early and am active during the day, late nights are just not enjoyable.
  2. I’d rather do things during the DAY and prefer quieter evenings at home.
  3. I do not like large crowds. I feel loss. I feel like I can not connect. I get anxious. I get nauseous.  
  4. I prefer much smaller groups because I can actually feel connected and like people “care”.
  5. Small talk is just not for me. I like meaningful conversations           
  6. Myrtle beach is BOOMIN at night (this was my first time since I moved here, in fact ever, that I was out past dark LOL)

Sunday Funday

Part of my Sunday Funday routine is, suprisingly, Church!  I have found a pretty awesome contemporary Presbyterian church that I absolutely LOVE. In fact, it makes me feel like I have a “home” and people care about me.

Being new to SC and pretty much alone , this is so important to me. This is a wonderful community and the music really uplifts me. I am actually surprising myself that I enjoy it so much!! At this point in my life, it is just SO meaningful to me. The sermons really hit home. They are geared towards where I am currently in my life. Finding myself, being true to myself and ultimately seeking happiness, pleasure and fulfillment in my job and personal life. As a child, I pretty much dreaded waking up to go to church. It became a task and something I avoided. Now I am finding that I can still believe what I want to believe in and just have a place that makes me smile and cheers me up and sets me up for a better day. Not being forced to do something is so freeing πŸ™‚  It sort of feels like I am at a rock concert with the electric guitars and catchy songs (displayed across a big screen so that you can sing along, SHHHHHH do not tell my mom this!)

From from these days………

I FINALLY cleaned up my guest room and set my lovely cream sofa up! I had to maneuver the two twin beds in the room, but I think I managed to find a happy balance, for the time being. I am still trying to decide how to set up my Guest Room.  I currently have one single bed and my couch in there.  It would be fine for one person visiting, but when my parents come, it will be a problem. Sure they could sleep in my room and I could take the single couch, but that sort of defeats the purpose of my guest room. So Ill be on the hunt for inspiration and ideas. At least the couch is set up and


Meal prep for the week (love doing this!)

Bike ride (looking for fall door decor ideas!)

Walk with Lily ❀

Unpacked ANOTHER box of kitchen items (wooooo)

Checked out a few developments for mom and dad. One of which I really love love love!  


listened to my newest audio book

cleaned πŸ™‚


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