Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday Wants

I want …..

to continue to stay positive

It is so easy to slip back into negative thinking but the truth of the matter is………….its up to you to choose your own outlook.

Recently a coworker of mine went through some tough times. I was amazed at all the shortcomings, personal issues, family issues, etc she has recently dealt with AND one would NEVER know. Every day she carries a bright and cheery smile, does her best and radiates positive energy and strength. No matter what life throws her way, she continues to count her blessings. Talk about inspiration!

Its true. Everyone is NOT always happy all the time. There are moments and memories that bring happiness. I personally need to stop dwelling and beating myself up for those unfulfilled unhappy times I experience. I can accept them and move past them because they too will move on


I want…..

to share some new FALL styles I am (surprisingly) Loving!



Plaid is NOT my thing, but this is!


I will definitely be keeping cozy and warm in a sweater poncho


I don’t think I can do the high waist jeans, BUT these are totally cute


I want …..

to say that I had ribs tonight , for the first time in probably 15 or so years. I loved them, BUT still prefer chicken (thank you ciocia and wujek ❤ for sharing this with me)

I want …..


to visit WrightsvilleBeach

and Airlie Gardens


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