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Weekend update and life lately 

Sunday fun day comes to an end but instead of getting down about it I am looking forward to learning new things each day this week.  Plus my social calendar is pretty full and I’m excited!

I have kickball this week and signed up to volunteer at our running club at school. Trying to keep busy so I don’t miss my mama , friends and family so much. 

This weekend was really wonderful.  My aunt and uncle are down for the week and I have really enjoyed spending some time with them. Makes things feel so much more like “home”.  Plus I feel safe and comfortable with them which is difficult for me 

They have been on the go exploring and relaxing.   I’ve joined them for a few things like a rib and chicken nine and dine night, a night at the cabana (with some unexpected and unwelcomed guests) and the best day in Wrightsville Beach!


Unwelcomed guest

Wrightsville beach is absolutely beautiful.  The homes, the surfers, the cute little boutiques.  We all loved it!

We checked out Lumina Station 

 which had some adorable shops! Tickled pink was my favorite! So many adorable things (I was cheap good I didn’t buy anything)

ThE baby clothes were so cute! I wanted to buy them all!


We headed to Airlie Gardens, thanks to Joelle’s recommendation) and got in on a little tour. It was so interesting learning about the history  and all the fancy parties Mrs. Jones would throw.  She had  a $300,000 entertaining budget back in the late 1800s.  Woah!!! Fancy much?  She also loved her gardens and took much pride in the design (even a lovers garden which was supposed to bring you good luck). We also learned about the Now famous artist (then slave), Minnie Evans  

 ,whose50 cent paintings are today worth about $20,0000! 

  And did you know it is illegal to dispose of oyster shells in NC? They must be recycled!   

Here I am standing in front of the beautiful bottle house!


I want to come back in the spring for the azaleas!

Lunch on the water in Wrightsville beach.  Breathtaking (and windy!)



 Oceanic restaurant really has the best views! 

I had fries and a grilled salmon salad which were decent but nothing to write home about.  My uncles seafood platter looked delicious and my aunts sand ….well we won’t even go there :). 

A quick stop to trader joes for some wine and oats! 
And aquick stroll along the riverwalk in Downtown Wilmimgton.   

We briefly browsed the cotton exchange, am old factory now turned upscale shopping boutique but we all agreed this was a trip for a day of its own. (Very hipster vibe)

A nice drive and easy drive home to s perfect day
Later I met up with a few friends for pizza and talk at a coal brick oven place.  

We tried to get ice cream but had no luck :(.  I did end up getting some of myown on my drive home :). It was on my mind!

I had a great, full day.  Which I realize I need to help keep me positive, focused and not missing my mom. Yet I realize i also need to slow down and just be with my feelings instead if trying to occupuy myself constantly to make them go away , because they don’t go away.  It’s just a temporary band aid

As wonderful of a weekend as it was I am reverting back to old feelings and feeling “fat”.  I allowed myself to enjoy life this weekend and must be feeling unworthy or guilty bc I immediately go towards those negative “fat” thoughts. Yet I know that fat is not a feeling. 

Sunday was beautiful.  A great day for a leisurely early morning run and errands , cleaning and prepping. I got to schooL, for a bit to get ready for the week. It is so nice working so close!!

I had decided to share my love of cooking and entertaining by making some good ol southern “frogmore stew” (don’t worry no frogs).  I am so happy with how it turned out and my family was too! It was fun researching, decorating,cooking, entertaining and of course eating it”. 

Baked peaches with vanilla ice cream were the perfect ending

I hope your weekend was just as wonderful and better yet hope you find the positives in your week ahead! 


1 thought on “Weekend update and life lately ”

  1. I am so sorry I missed this wonderful weekend, but there will be so many more to enjoy in the future. Next visit with my daughter will be fantastic.


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